How The Blacklist Midseason Finale Will Surprise Fans With Liz And Katarina

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The Blacklist has some surprising developments in store for fans when it comes to Liz and Katarina in the midseason finale. Yes, Season 7 is hurtling headfirst into what is likely to be a very intense holiday hiatus for viewers! In the episode before it signs off for 2019, The Blacklist uncovered quite a few reveals.

Among the things to get exposed was Liz confirming that her mother, Katarina Rostova, has been right next door for most of Season 7. The Blacklist left off with Liz holding a gun on her mother. The teaser for the midseason finale showed Katarina’s right-hand man knocked Liz out. Thus, setting the stage for another twist in their family reunion. The Blacklist’s creator, Jon Bokenkamp, teased the Katarina/Liz conflict by telling TV Guide:

Part of what is so difficult about what Liz is confronted with is that not only does she have this incredible anger and frustration and sense of betrayal [...] but she's also standing face to face with a woman who has the ability to unlock answers and truths, and so she needs something from her. As much as she wants to put a bullet in her head for everything she's done to her, she wants answers, and Katarina has answers. And so it makes for a very sticky situation in terms of emotionally how to handle this confrontation, and I think the audience is going to be surprised in terms of how that relationship builds out in this midseason finale.

This Blacklist viewer cannot wait to see how this plays out in the midseason finale! Liz, like fans, needs answers from Katarina about everything that has been going on. As she may learn, even Katarina does not know everything. Katarina kidnapped Red for info she does not have.

On that note, if Liz thinks that Katarina holds the key to answering who Red really is, then she is going to be disappointed. Katarina is apparently as in the dark as everyone else is, at this point. The Blacklist has teased the “deep impact” that Katarina would have on Liz in Season 7.

Now that the truth is out regarding Katarina's proximity to Liz, it would make sense if that impact was felt pretty intensely, moving forward from the midseason finale. Liz has spent most of Season 7 unaware of her mother’s presence. Although she did tell Katarina, she had suspected her true identity deep down.

What is going to happen next? Katarina holds many cards regarding the all-elusive answers that Liz wants to know. The midseason finale could also be the key to those revelations that The Blacklist has teased. Unfortunately, they are the same ones that could have Liz and Red dealing with some trust issues.

Katarina has been teased as a big bad, so viewers may want to take everything she says with a grain of salt. That said, big bads can have tremendous truths to share. It may be tricky for Liz to trust anything that Katarina or Red has to say on The Blacklist. There are a lot of reasons for her to have some trust issues.

Red is apparently not Ilya Koslov, after all. I only say “apparently” because you have to lovingly cover all of your bases with The Blacklist. Liz may find herself in another free fall if she learns that piece of info in the midseason finale. There is also the issue of Katarina working overtime to extract a mysterious memory from the real Ilya.

Speaking of memories, what if it turns out that Red really did have another one extracted from Liz a few years ago? If he did, it could be a real disaster for Liz and Red’s relationship. It has recovered from worse. Katarina’s return has been said to impact Liz and Red’s relationship. If Katarina dishes a real bombshell, I could see it having a not-so-great effect on it.

I know Liz will have a lot going on in The Blacklist’s midseason finale. However, there are numerous mysteries that she will hopefully keep her eye on unraveling. Currently, towards the top of my list is if Katarina had a child with her newly-revealed husband, Pyotr. There was a hint at Liz having a secret sibling in Season 7, and I cannot let it go!

Find out what truths Liz can pry from Katarina when the midseason finale of The Blacklist airs this winter on Friday, December 13 at 8 p.m. ET, on NBC. You can catch up on the crime drama’s previous seasons on Netflix, which also has lots of new content joining it in 2020.

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