RIP Cosmo: Fuller House's Beloved Dog Died At Age 4, The Cast Is 'Heartbroken'

Fuller House family with puppy Cosmo the dog
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Fuller House's family dog Cosmo has died. The beloved golden retriever was only 4-years-old, hitting that age back in May of this year. Fuller House has now completed filming for the entire series, but fans have only seen half of the final Season 5, with the rest of the episodes airing in 2020. Hopefully we can look forward to seeing more of Cosmo, one last time, with the rest of the family.

The character of Cosmo T.D. ("The Dog") Fuller was said to be the great-grandson of the Tanner family's dog Comet on Full House. The real-life dog was also named Cosmo. What happened to him? The Fuller House account tweeted that Cosmo died after complications from some kind of surgery:

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Candace Cameron Bure is the main star of Fuller House and she's been there since the start as D.J. on Full House, so she knew both shows' dogs:

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Cosmo had been part of the show since he was a puppy. He grew up alongside the young stars, like Max Fuller actor Elias Harger, who shared this tribute to Cosmo:

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As he said, they "were puppies together" on Fuller House. The character of Cosmo T.D. was born in the Fuller House series premiere, which aired in February 2016, as one of many puppies in a litter. Max Fuller picked him from Comet Jr. Jr.'s litter and named him Cosmo later in the first season. Cosmo the real dog had his first episode in Season 1, Episode 5 and his first scene was when Max played his trumpet.

Elias said he always remembered Cosmo on his birthday in May. Earlier this year, Cosmo’s trainer, Denise Sanders, talked to Feeling the Vibe about working with Cosmo. She noted that he would turn 4 that May and shared this story:

He likes rope toys to play tug-of-war and enjoys chasing bubbles. But his all time favorite is an orange ball to fetch. On Cosmo’s birthday, Elias Harger (who plays Max) is very sweet and always buys him a birthday toy. On his 3rd birthday, Elias bought him an orange ball and to this day he will always choose an orange ball over any other color!

Soni Nicole Bringas plays Ramona Gibbler on Fuller House and she also shared a sweet tribute to Cosmo:

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Cosmo was also on an episode of Grey's Anatomy earlier this year -- Jo's powerful "Silent All These Years" episode airing in March 2019.

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Cosmo also appeared in episodes of Suits and The Middle and was in commercials for Beggin’ Strips, Dietz & Watson,, and Skechers.

Fuller House Season 5 will return with its final nine episodes in 2020. Netflix has yet to announce the return date, but here's hoping they add a little tribute to Cosmo, since he -- and his on-screen ancestors -- were such key characters on the show since Full House. We'll miss you, buddy!

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