Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 10 Big Questions We Need Answered In Season 4

chilling adventures of sabrina season 3 questions

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 premiered on Netflix in January and included a lot of fascinating mythology, intriguing new characters, and a twist that left a the door open for anything to happen in Season 4. Following the return of the Dark Lord in Season 2, Kiernan Shipka’s Sabrina Spellman, as well as her friends and fellow witches, attempted to thwart him, but it was Gavin Leatherwood's Nicholas Scratch who sacrificed himself to keep the Dark Lord detained.

With Nick stuck in Hell, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, which made a good amount of Riverdale connections, left Sabrina no choice but to go and rescue him. However, that was just the beginning of her journey in Season 3, which saw the witch making an explosive decision that could change the course of the Netflix series in Season 4. With so much left to think about after Season 3’s cliffhanger, here are 10 big questions we need answered in Season 4.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3.

chilling adventures of sabrina season 3 father blackwood

What Is The Egg Creature Father Blackwood Hatched?

The egg creature first appeared in the Season 3 premiere. Father Faustus Blackwood went to a lot of effort to track down the egg to Scotland, ultimately finding this elusive, but powerful egg creature in the waters of Loch Ness. Though little is known about the egg creature, it seems incredibly powerful and has the ability to warp time. And that’s just the shell!

During the Season 3 finale, Father Blackwood, protected by the Mark of Cain and wishing to exact revenge on the Spellmans, performed a ritual that unleashed the mysterious egg creature from its confines. From context clues alone, the egg creature seems to have belonged to the Loch Ness monster and perhaps was even its baby. More importantly, however, Father Blackwood calls upon the eldritch terrors after the egg creature is unleashed, which leads me to my next question.

chilling adventures of sabring season 3 eldritch terrors

What Are The Eldritch Terrors?

After hatching the egg, Father Blackwood called upon the eldritch terrors to help him harness the powers of the egg creature. It's unclear, however, whether the eldritch terrors are separate or the egg creature is an eldritch terror. I'll take a wild guess and go with the latter.

The word eldritch is used to describe something that is perceived as supernatural, sinister, or otherworldly. In works of fantasy, such creatures are called “eldritch abominations” and usually have considerable power. The egg creature certainly fits the bill of that description so far. Thankfully, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina doesn't usually draw out its plotlines, so it’s possible that Season 4 will open with an explanation about what exactly the eldritch terrors are within the context of the show.

prudence chilling adventures of sabrina season 3

How Will Prudence Defeat Father Blackwood?

Tati Gabrielle’s Prudence and Chance Perdomo’s Ambrose were on a mission to find and kill Father Blackwood in Season 3. Prudence wanted revenge on her father after he’d poisoned and killed several members of the Church of Night and taken her siblings, Judith and Judas.

Father Blackwood has the Mark of Cain now, though, which protects him from death and Prudence will have to come up with another way to kill dear old dad. She’s so passionate and desperate to find him that I’m convinced she might make a deal of her own — or find her own ancient creature to do her bidding — if it means defeating him for good.

ambrose sabrina time paradox chilling adventures of sabrina

What Are The Consequences Of The Time Paradox?

To defend her rightful place as ruler of Hell, Sabrina accepts Prince Caliban’s challenge to obtain the three artifacts of the Unholy Regalia. After nabbing the final object, Judas’ silver (yes, that Judas!), she hightails it back to the ninth circle of Hell, but is tricked by Caliban and turned to stone. Future Sabrina (or past Sabrina, it’s hard to tell) rescues herself to save the world and is tasked with the biggest responsibility of all: to ensure the time loop is always closed.

Naturally, Sabrina doesn’t follow the rule and Ambrose is worried that she’s created a time paradox. It can’t be a coincidence that Sabrina altered the fabric of time and reality just as Father Blackwood unleashed a time-warping egg creature. Perhaps the time paradox will make the egg creature even more powerful than before. I’m no expert on time travel, but messing with time is bound to create chaos and instability in Sabrina’s life.

does sabrina have an evil twin on chilling adventures of sabrina

Is Sabrina Morningstar Destined To Become An Evil Twin?

Having just saved the entire world from Prince Caliban’s attempts to form a tenth circle of Hell, as well as preventing the Pagan gods from overtaking Earth, Sabrina made the surprising decision to leave the time loop open. This resulted in two versions of the character existing at once. One version of Sabrina went on to become the Queen of Hell, while the other went back to Greendale to live her life like a normal teenager.

Way back in Season 1, Sabrina had a dream that two babies were present at her Dark Baptism. One was human, while the other was half-human with hooves for feet like the Dark Lord. While it's possible the dream was only meant to hint that Sabrina's father was Lucifer, there could be more to it than that. Having two versions of Sabrina means the series can finally explore an evil twin storyline, as well as the duality of both of Sabrina’s natures. In any case, the sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch did an "evil" witch storyline, so there's precedent.

chilling adventures of sabrina hecate

Will There Be Consequences For Worshiping Hecate?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Season 3 finale saw the Greendale witches coven call upon Hecate, the ancient goddess of magic and witchcraft, to resurrect Hilda from the dead. During Zelda’s visit to Limbo, she discovered that the triple-moon symbol has been a part of her life for a long time, but she fully embraces it after she’s revived. Not only do Zelda and the witches coven call upon Hecate, but they start worshiping her in place of the Dark Lord. Bold move, witches!

With the Dark Lord restored in Hell and back to ruling its nine circles, what does that mean for the coven? Now that Lucifer has Sabrina by his side in Hell, he might not be all that interested in the Church of Night. However, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has proven that nothing happens without consequence and I’m of the mind that the Dark Lord will want his revenge on the coven for turning their backs on him and that it'll happen sooner rather than later.

prince caliban chilling adventures of sabrina season 3

Will Prince Caliban Return in Season 4?

Prince Caliban was quite the trickster in Season 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He showed up out of nowhere to challenge Sabrina’s right to the throne of Hell. He even tricked her into giving him Judas’ silver to win the Unholy Regalia challenge. He was too quick to gloat, though. During the time loop, Sabrina turned the tables on him and trapped him in stone instead, leaving him to rot in the ninth circle of Hell.

While it does seem like Caliban will be unable to break free anytime soon, it’s not impossible to think that someone will save him at some point. Yes, the Sabrina in Hell is still Sabrina, but she’s a queen now and can do as she pleases. Perhaps she takes pity on him in Season 4 and frees him or, at the very least, makes him her servant as punishment for trying to steal her throne. That is, of course, if Sam Corlett returns as Caliban at all.

sabrina and nick chilling adventures of sabrina

Are Sabrina And Nick Ever Getting Back Together?

None of Sabrina’s relationships have been smooth sailing thus far, poor witch. While Nick revealed he’d been working with the Dark Lord in Season 2, he made up for it by playing host to Lucifer. However, Sabrina couldn’t stand the thought of Nick in Hell and saved him, but not before he'd already suffered the consequences of his decision. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Nick broke things off with Sabrina to deal with who he's become.

Hurt and angry over the break-up, Sabrina performed a spell that would erase her feelings for Nick. But, I’m inclined to say that they’ll find their way back to each other in Season 4. Yes, Sabrina and Harvey were supposed to be the “it” couple, but Nick and Sabrina have that spark, in my humble opinion. In any case, there are two Sabrinas now, so at least one should get with Nick, right?

chilling adventures of sabrina mambo marie

Will There Be More Of Zelda and Mambo Marie’s Relationship?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 was full of surprises. Perhaps one of the biggest ones came when Mirando Otto's Zelda, after expressing distrust of Mambo Marie’s form of witchcraft, let down her guard and kissed Mambo Marie. Now that Zelda is the High Priestess of the Order of Hecate, she and the rest of the Church of Night are in new territory.

Mambo Marie is the perfect person to stand at Zelda’s side as the witches coven works to be more inclusive of other witches. Plus, the pair has already proven they work really well together and their chemistry is palpable. Season 4 would be that much more satisfying if Zelda and Mambo Marie’s relationship was explored and developed. I’m no seer, but I think it will be.

chilling adventures of sabrina lilith

What Will Happen to Lilith After She Gives Birth?

Things took a strange turn in Season 3 when Lilith made a deal with Father Blackwood. In exchange for the Mark of Cain, Father Blackwood slept with Lilith while bound to Lucifer. Later, Lilith announced she was pregnant with the Dark Lord’s heir, preventing him from killing her, at least temporarily. Things are complicated now that Sabrina is ruling at her father’s side in Hell, though.

Ousted from her role as Madam Satan and on Lucifer’s kill list, the only reason Lilith’s still alive is because she’s pregnant, but she won’t be forever. My money’s on Lilith discovering Sabrina’s time paradox secret in Season 4 and holding it against the young witch in exchange for her freedom. Perhaps she’ll make a deal to get out of Hell for good and leave Greendale to start anew. Either way, Lilith will do what she must to stay alive.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix. Season 4 doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet, but stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more information. For more on what to watch, be sure to check out our 2020 midseason schedule for updated premiere dates and times.

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