Supernatural Fans Haven't Seen The Last Of Adam, But There's Bad News

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Supernatural fans are currently waiting for the long-running series to make its return in March. In the meantime, they are also, doubtlessly, wondering about some of its characters. For instance, have you seen the last of Sam and Dean’s younger brother, Adam? Not by a long shot. However, there is some bad news to go along with that reassuring bit of info.

TVLine reports that Season 15 will include more of Jake Abel playing Adam and Michael on Supernatural. Remember, Adam and Michael are currently sharing a body, so you cannot have one character without the other right now. The bad news is that Abel will not be reprising his role on Supernatural any time soon.

On the topic of when to expect Adam/Michael back in Season 15, Supernatural’s showrunner, Andrew Dabb, said it would not “be for a while.” Probably not the news that fans were hoping for, although there is a silver lining in the fact that he's coming back at all. At least this means that there is potential for more brotherly bonding between Sam, Dean, and Adam, eventually.

Thankfully, Dean did apologize to Adam earlier in Season 15 for leaving Adam in Hell way back when. Adam seemed to accept his brother’s apology. He even gave Dean and Castiel a head nod. Water under the bridge? Supernatural has more with Adam coming up, so it will be interesting to find out.

On a related note, I think it would be neat if Jeffrey Dean Morgan came back again as John Winchester. He sounded open to it in the past. Imagine if Supernatural gave John a chance to bring closure to all of his sons (in the same room) before the show ended? As the popular saying goes, “I'm not crying, you're crying.”

Oh, and if Adam could be free of Michael inhabiting his body, that would also be awesome. Would Supernatural really end Adam’s story with him having to share his body with the archangel for eternity? Having a roommate is one thing. Having a bodymate is another.

Fans of The CW series will have to stay tuned to learn what brings Adam/Michael back. For now, Dean, Sam, and Castiel have a lot going on. When Supernatural left off, they learned some vital info about God which leaves a lot for them and the show to get done ahead of the series finale.

Speaking of that finale, Sam will not be getting a rom-com ending, which is something to keep in mind. After a considerable hiatus, Supernatural will be back before too long to wade into the action. Where Adam fits into that and when will be something to pay attention to. Since Adam/Michael will not be showing up any time soon, could he arrive closer to the finale?

Season 15 will tell the story! Supernatural will resume its final season on a new night -- Monday, March 16, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Other television options include this winter and spring’s premieres. You can currently stream Dean and Sam’s past adventures on Netflix and see Jake Abel in the thriller An Affair to Die For, along with many 2020 premieres.

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