Watch The Blacklist Star James Spader Celebrate Show's Two Huge Milestones With Cast

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Fans are not the only ones celebrating the fact that The Blacklist has crossed two huge milestones! James Spader and his castmates are as well. NBC recently made the thrilling announcement that it has renewed the beloved crime drama for Season 8, which comes well in advance of its current season’s finale.

The Blacklist’s cast and crew learned about the Season 8 renewal while in the midst of celebrating another incredible milestone for the series. The hit series has filmed its 150th episode! Watch the reaction of James Spader, his co-stars, and The Blacklist’s crew when they are told the exciting news about the show's future during the festivities below:

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I could watch this all day! Please note the beautiful moment that James Spader and Megan Boone share as they learn the news of The Blacklist’s renewal. They hug and everything! Red and Liz could use a tender moment like that, given how things have been going between them lately. Liz knows her mom faked her death and is keeping that essential fact from Red. Drama!

Their Blacklist alter egos may have their ups and downs, but this moment between James Spader and Megan Boone is pure high spirits! Joining Boone in sharing her excitement with James Spader was none other than fan-favorite Amir Arison, who plays the delightful Aram. Arison shared a picture of him and Spader on Instagram! Check it below:

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How happy are they in this fantastic picture? I cannot wait for the hiatus to be over, so fans can see more of Aram and Red! Their dynamic is one of my many favorites on The Blacklist, and I have many. I believe Aram is still under the belief that Red is Ilya Koslov. Liz only found out that was not true right before the midseason hiatus.

Will Liz keep what she learned about Red not being Ilya from Aram and everyone else? I am curious to know the answer and enjoy the “fun” promised when The Blacklist makes its 2020 return! As for Liz’s portrayer, Megan Boone shared a sweet message about The Blacklist’s renewal. See the pictures from the set and read what she had to say below:

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The Blacklist is still going strong! As the current season continues, fans have another one to look forward to diving into. Hopefully it will reveal further details as to who on earth Red really is. The show is marching towards a major part of its endgame, so patience will have to persist!

The 150th episode of The Blacklist will air in April. Will it reveal more than ever before about Red? I hope so. There will be a lot to enjoy while waiting for any further updates. Red’s ex is coming onto the show and you can bet that James Spader and Joely Richardson's chemistry is going to be interesting.

The Blacklist returns during the midseason on March 20 at 8 p.m. with two episodes on NBC. You can relive James Spader’s highlights on The Blacklist via past seasons streaming on Netflix alongside content arriving in 2020.

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