Bachelor Spoilers: Chris Harrison Has A Warning On How Peter Weber's Finale Ends

The Bachelor 2002 Chris Harrison gives Peter Weber some news ABC

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

If you listen closely, you can probably hear The Bachelor 2020 host Chris Harrison shaking his head over everything that happens in Peter Weber's finale. How does Bachelor Peter's season end? Who wins? It sounds like we haven't seen anything yet, since Chris warned that the season has barely started -- and we're already past the "Women Tell All" episode! It sounds like we might pack a season's worth of activity into one week, and I'm ready.

(UPDATE: Here are Reality Steve's updated spoilers for the finale, as of March 5, 2020, including what reportedly happens with Peter and Madison and where things stand now.)

Technically, we only have three episodes left to Peter Weber's The Bachelor Season 24 -- the WTA on March 2, and the two-night finale on March 9-10. But so much happens in Peter's final week of filming ... and potentially afterward to be shown in updates on the "After the Final Rose" special.

There is so much that's left to unpack and to go through. I feel like the season's barely started, honestly, considering what's about to happen in the final week of the show, which is wild to say.

That's what Chris Harrison said on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, and he teased a lot more of what we'll see -- including answers from that finale tease we keep seeing with Peter's mother crying, and Chris Harrison himself sharing some big news with Peter:

It is unlike any season we've ever had as far as the finale and how it ends. You see a little bit in the super tease with the dramatic [scenes] and him being upset because he gets some news, that final couple of days. You see his mom. We're finally going to get the answer of who his mom is talking about, the Meryl Streep moment of 'Bring her home to us.'

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay asked Chris Harrison on the podcast if the season isn't even over yet, as in, is the ending going to be more live than usual? Is Peter still going as the Bachelor after filming technically ended back in mid-November 2019? Here's his answer:

I didn't say that, but I will say, it's never over till it's over. There's just a lot more to come before we can get to a conclusion and there's A LOT more that's about to happen, and on so many levels.

So many levels! Chris Harrison previously talked about having several heart-to-heart talks with Peter Weber during the final week, which should be emotional not just for Peter but also his final two -- spoiled to be Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett.

We were there two weeks in Australia going through this whole thing. It was an interesting season and journey with -- you know, speaking to two women who I have gone through this with, there's nothing to compare it. ... But this season was so different on so many levels going through it with Peter. He's an interesting guy and he's a good man, but we'll get into these relationships. One of the reasons I love the show, we've all had certain relationships like this and it was interesting to see Peter go through it.

Chris Harrison is not going to openly spoil anything, and so far this is actually the first season of The Bachelor where the ultimate ending is still unconfirmed. However, Reality Steve's spoilers have revealed several things about the final week, and Steve said he thinks Peter and Madison are currently together but not engaged.

From what we've been told Madison Prewett does return -- eventually -- for Bachelor Peter's overnight dates rose ceremony, where Victoria F. is sent home just in time to be featured on the March 2 "Women Tell All" special.

As for the finale, Hannah Ann and Madison both meet Peter's parents -- although Madison already met them for her first one-on-one date with Peter -- and then ... something happens where Madison apparently quits in the final week, maybe even on final rose ceremony day itself. (No one has said she rejects his proposal, but ... oof. Hopefully she doesn't wait that long.) She must realize she's not ready to get engaged to Peter and leaves.

Reality Steve already said Peter did not have a "normal ending," meaning he did not pick someone and get engaged. Based on that, it sounds a bit like Bachelor Colton's finale -- the lead's favorite goes home, so he sends the other women home -- but everyone is talking about Peter's ending as if it's something brand new, so we'll see.

Madison was spotted filming with The Bachelor crew very recently, and Reality Steve said that was not for The Bachelorette. I'm still thinking that was for an update we'll see on the "After the Final Rose" special, which should otherwise be live and give us real-time updates from Bachelor Peter, Madison, and Hannah Ann (who is moving closer to Peter's house). That should also be when they reveal ABC's The Bachelorette 2020, who will probably start filming right away. (The next Bachelorette might be Kelsey, but then again it might be someone who is NOT from Peter's season, which would be a first.)

It sounds like there are still a lot of tantalizing mysteries about The Bachelor 2020 finale to watch on Monday, March 9 and (especially) Tuesday, March 10 for the "After the Final Rose" special.

And I'm happy to hear the season has barely started at this point, because that's how it's been feeling to me. I hope Bachelor Peter has spent the past three months since filming the finale working on his relationship with whoever he wanted to pick, Madison or Hannah Ann. Then again, that's tough to do between filming when you can't openly be with anyone. I'm very curious to see how this all turns out, and what happens next for all three of the people involved in the ending.

The Bachelor 2020 continues for the next two Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC, with the second night of the final airing Tuesday, March 10.

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