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The Witcher's Honest Trailer Hilariously Highlights All The Nudity, Violence And More Nudity

the witcher honest trailer netflix season 1

Months after its first season ended, Netflix’s The Witcher is still highly buzzed about. With Season 2 officially in production, several new cast members added, and “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” still stuck in fans’ heads, The Witcher is as popular as ever. That’s why Screen Junkies made an Honest Trailer video for it that hilariously highlights the show’s nudity, violence, and oh yeah, more nudity.

While The Witcher does have a major Game of Thrones connection now, the Honest Trailer compared the series to being more like Xena: Warrior Princess than the aforementioned HBO drama. Screen Junkie’s Honest Trailer for The Witcher breaks down the show’s issues, poking fun of the series in a loving way. The parody trailer details how often Geralt of Rivia grunts, the show’s seeming obsession with destiny, all the puking, bath scenes, cursing, stabbing, killing, and the Continent’s citizens uniting in their need to punch Geralt in the face.

Check out the Honest Trailer for The Witcher below!

Personally, I didn’t realize how many times all the characters do actually discuss destiny until it was edited into one video and “the complete lack of comedy” in any given episode is far too accurate of an assessment to ignore. The trailer even makes fun of the timeline changes that caused confusion “since half the characters don’t age.”

While the criticisms of the series are warranted, the jabs are all made in obvious jest. Henry Cavill’s Geralt does have a hard time stringing more than a few words together at a time, after all. The actor even claims full responsibility for all of Geralt’s grunting, which goes on for quite some time in the video.

Recently, The Witcher added Killing Eve star Kim Bodnia to play Vesemir, the most experienced Witcher and Geralt’s father figure and mentor. Fans had previously clamored for Star Wars’ Mark Hamill to play the character, though that seemed like wishful thinking in hindsight.

While the next season is still a ways away, Henry Cavill posted a couple of pictures to his Instagram of the horse that plays Roach, while also updating fans about his horse riding training. It sounds like Geralt may be riding Roach a lot in Season 2 and it sincerely makes me wonder if the folks at Honest Trailers will poke fun of all of Geralt’s riding following Season 2.

The Witcher Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix. Filming for Season 2 is currently underway and is scheduled to premiere at some point in 2021. However, Netflix has a cool plan to keep fans hooked while waiting for Season 2 to arrive with an all new anime movie set in the world of The Witcher TV show. In the meantime, be sure to check out our 2020 midseason schedule for more on what to watch.