Bachelor Spoilers: Did Peter's Mom Ruin His Relationship With Madison In Season Finale?

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Spoilers ahead for the March 9 episode of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor.

The first half of The Bachelor's two-night finale of Peter Weber's season saw the long-awaited reveal of who Peter's mom, a.k.a. Barbara Weber, was talking about in the trailer shot when she tearfully begged her son not to "let her go." The Bachelor has been hyping that moment almost as much as Colton Underwood's fence jump in trailer footage, and the March 9 episode proved that she was not tearfully talking about Madison Prewett, but rather Hannah Ann Sluss. That's not to say she didn't tearfully talk about Madison a lot, and I'm left with the question: did Barbara ruin Peter's relationship with Madison?

Peter revealed Madison's fantasy suite ultimatum to his parents, and Barbara did not take well to the fact that Madison waited so long to share her beliefs or to how different their lifestyles seem to be. Honestly, Barbara does have a point that their lives might not be compatible outside of the Bachelor format, but she seemed to take it upon herself to prevent Peter from choosing Madison and Madison sticking in the race to win Peter's heart.

She said it's because she has emotions and she loves her son, but watching her immediately burst into tears when Peter stuck up for Madison really felt a little too manufactured for my taste. Just as Barbara has a point about their incompatible lifestyles, Peter had a very good point when he reminded his family that he's been dating these women and they barely even met them.

Still, Barbara managed to poke at Peter and Madison's insecurities to the point that Madison decided to leave before the rose ceremony and Peter was a wreck throughout his date with poor Hannah Ann. Sure, Madison already had her doubts and Peter was openly admitting to being in love with two women, but I feel like Madison wouldn't have left and Peter wouldn't have been so confused and shocked at her decision.

Rising up to defend Madison to his family seemed to settle his mind on Madison, whereas Madison's conversation with Barbara seemed to convince Madison that Peter was wrong for her, no matter how much love there was between them. I'm not really rooting for anybody at this point in Peter's season other than for him to make his decision so Clare Crawley can step up as the next Bachelor Nation star, but I do feel like Barbara did Peter and Madison dirty. Meanwhile, poor Hannah Ann has no idea what's happening other than that something is off with Peter.

So, what's happening in the second half of the finale? Well, Chris Harrison assured viewers that Madison will be back, and the trailer shows that Madison regrets her decision to leave like she did. The trailer also shows Barbara feeling those emotions again and loudly sobbing onto her husband's shoulder. Hopefully the season ends with some degree of closure for the whole Weber family, if there's going to be any kind of calm! If Madison does end up being Peter's pick, this episode would probably be pretty awkward for all of them to watch together!

Spoilers ahead for the second half of Peter's season finale. According to spoilers for the second half of the two-part finale, the shocking twist before the rose ceremony could be that Hannah Ann is considering dumping Peter as well, meaning that he'd have nobody to propose to rather than a choice to make between two. That said, it's looking like Australia will end with Peter proposing and Hannah Ann accepting, but he might be pulling an Arie Luyendyk and dumping Hannah Ann for Madison. End spoilers.

See what happens at the end of Peter's search for reality TV love in the second half of his Bachelor season finale on Tuesday, March 10 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart debuts on Monday, April 13 at 8 p.m. ET, and there are already some spoilers out for that!

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