Why Grey's Anatomy Went Way Too Far Revealing The Father Of Amelia's Baby

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Spoilers ahead for the March 12 episode of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC, called “Life On Mars?”

Grey’s Anatomy moved on from the melodrama of Alex Karev’s departure to return to its previous subject of max drama: Amelia’s pregnancy and the father. Fans have been waiting and waiting to find out whether Owen or Link is the father of her child, as well as how Teddy would be impacted if Owen was indeed the dad-to-be, especially after her hookup with Tom. Amelia herself didn’t know the paternity for quite a while, but “Life On Mars?” finally delivered the news. Link is going to be a dad!

Now, if this had happened a couple of weeks ago, I would have been unabashedly happy, and it’s not just that I was worn out by how Grey’s arguably ruined Alex Karev’s character to write him out. No, the weird love pentagon -- or pentagram, really -- born of this mysterious pregnancy plot with Link/Amelia/Owen/Teddy/Tom pushed me to the edge when Teddy, suspecting that Owen might be the dad of Amelia’s baby, hooked up with Tom.

I was pushed right on over the edge when Teddy went ahead and hooked up with Tom again in “Life On Mars?” while Owen was obliviously looking forward to planning their wedding. Congrats to Link and Amelia for reconciling in a super romantic scene involving rain and a guitar before learning that they get to be parents together, I guess, but the happy moment was definitely tarnished for me by Teddy hooking up with Tom again.

I’m exhausted by the love pentagram drama, and it’s not going to be wholly over just because Amelia and Link know that the baby is theirs. Teddy technically hooked up with Tom (the first time, anyway) because she thought Owen could be the father and didn't know how he'd handle it, so the pentagram can’t be downgraded to a triangle until Teddy and Owen settle that Link is the dad-to-be.

And even then it might not be down to Code Triangle, since Owen might start to miss Amelia (despite some of his treatment of her) if/when he finds out that Teddy hooked up with Tom at least twice while they were newly engaged. Amelia seems pretty settled on Link, so any further love pentagram/square/triangle action presumably won’t involve her heart being tugged in two different directions. I just can’t vouch for Teddy, Owen, and Tom, and I so wish that I could.

So many of the other Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 plots are so much more interesting to me. DeLuca is a mess, and might not get better until he gets worse. When not hooking up with Teddy, Tom crossed a line in order to secure a massive donation to Grey Sloan. Richard is taking himself out of surgery indefinitely. And those are only a few of the interesting stories that don’t involve way too much romantic overlap!

Honestly, if Grey’s Anatomy replaced any and all romantic drama involving Owen and Teddy with Amelia and Link just hanging out, I’d be happier. I know that I sign up for love triangles and melodrama every time I turn on Grey's Anatomy, but I'm ready for this one to be done.

I do kind of want to see Jackson’s reaction to this whole situation, though. He just more or less dumped Station 19’s Vic because he felt she wasn’t treating their relationship like an adult relationship. What would he say to this mess with Teddy/Tom/Owen as collateral damage of Amelia’s baby daddy drama arc?

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