The Blacklist: Liz Conducts A 'Secret Investigation' After Season 7 Returns

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The Blacklist is getting ready to return, which means more twists and turns are ahead! What does Season 7’s 2020 return mean for Liz? As you probably expected, she is going to be super busy. When your mom is a spy on the run who has faked her death and your father figure is a criminal mastermind, that is par for the course.

Liz is going to do one of the things that Liz does best. She will be investigating when Season 7 returns! The description for an upcoming episode entitled “Newton Purcell” points to Liz starting a “secret investigation on the side.” I think many fans of The Blacklist will probably have a strong suspicion as to what that investigation may be about.

At least, I have one. Based on the fact that Liz knows her mother is alive, and that Red is not Ilya Koslov, there are at least two things for Liz to start digging into. For one, Liz could look into some of what her mom told her. The bosses at The Blacklist have said that Katarina is trustworthy, but Liz may want to do due diligence to verify that.

Katarina Rostova went into the wind during the midseason finale, and she did so thanks to a massive assist from Liz. When Season 7 left off, Liz had not come clean to Red about her mom actually not being dead. The Blacklist has a story of divided loyalties on its hands as Liz struggles between two people who are essentially her parents.

There is a strong possibility that Liz could be continuing her investigation into Red’s true identity. The Blacklist has teased that the show is hurtling towards the endgame of who Red actually is. Could Liz’s research be part of what unlocks the truth? It is feasible. Of course, her previous endeavors to unearth the truth have not exactly been successful.

My guess is that Katarina puts Liz on this side project. Red putting Liz on an investigation would not really be news, since that is what he does all of the time with the Task Force. Who says that Liz gets assigned to pursue this investigation? It would not be shocking if this was born out of her own curiosity.

The Blacklist has no shortage of things that could capture Liz’s investigatory attention. I have a lot that I am excited to see happen, and I am totally here for Liz uncovering yet another piece to the puzzle that surrounds her life. Pictures from the midseason premiere tease a thrilling return is almost upon fans!

Find out what Liz investigates after Season 7 gets underway as one of the midseason’s fresh offerings. The Blacklist returns on Friday, March 20, at 8 p.m. ET with a two-hour premiere on NBC. You can watch Liz's previous investigations via past seasons of The Blacklist on Netflix alongside content arriving in 2020.

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