What The Blacklist Season 7's Return Photos Reveal About Red, His Ex-Girlfriend, And More

The Blacklist Raymond Red Reddington James Spader NBC
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Season 7 of The Blacklist is about to return and photos from the two-hour installment reveal an exciting midseason premiere! From Red on horseback (Yes, horseback!) to a flirtatious reunion with his ex-girlfriend, there is a lot to get into. Thank goodness the action and adventure has already been renewed!

First up, it is worth noting the synopses for The Blacklist’s two-hour return. With this context in place, some of the images that you are about to look at will make even more sense. The episode “Victoria Fenberg,” which will air at Friday, March 20 at 8 p.m. ET, is coming at us first. It teases some interesting info, including some artful mayhem! Here is what NBC said about it:

With the help of the Task Force, Red tracks a gifted art forger who has thwarted his plans to sell stolen pieces. Aram’s love life becomes increasingly complicated. Liz and Ressler confide in each other.

There is a lot to unpack here, Blacklist fans! Before getting to the family drama ahead that has been teased, the show will kick things off with a little mischief. That action will take place due to the latest Blacklister, who is an art forger. Apparently, they are messing up Red’s stolen art business, so that will have to be stopped.

The Task Force to the rescue! In another exciting development, Aram’s romantic life is said to get “increasingly complicated.” Am I the only one hoping that it gets so complicated that Aram and Elodie break up? There are so many questions around that relationship, and Aram deserves someone more empathetic.

Our first photo is from the first part of the premiere. The Blacklist will have to return for us to understand how we get to this point in the episode, because I can't figure out what it has to do with forging art, but Red and Dembe are riding horses! Maybe the forger can only be reached along a stretch of rough terrain that requires the use of those mammoth animals? We'll find out soon!

The Blacklist James Spader Raymond Red Reddington Hisham Tawfiq Dembe Zuma NBC

(Image credit: Virginia Sherwood / NBC)

Next up, is the synopsis for the second part of The Blacklist’s two-hour premiere entitled, “Cornelius Ruck.” This is the episode that many have undoubtedly been anticipating as it revolves around Red’s ex-girlfriend. Yes, Joely Richardson is about to make her debut as Cassandra Bianchi. Here is the full picture of what is going to happen in The Blacklist episode:

Secluded on a private island, Red reunites with an old flame (guest star Joely Richardson) and a ring of thieves in a plot to make millions off stolen art. Plans are quickly derailed, however, when guests on the island mysteriously show up dead.

I cannot wait for the midseason premiere! As you can tell, both installments sound like a lot of fun. Also worth noting is that there is no mention of Liz’s mom, Katarina Rostova, who has convinced Red that she is dead. Now all of the context for The Blacklist’s return is in place! So, it is time to take a look at pictures from the second part of the premiere!

Here is Red and his former flame, Cassandra. Might I say that they do not seem to have missed a beat? If nothing else, the way they're looking at each other makes me eager to find out how their reunion is going to go. I mean, check out their body language, because the situation already seems kind of steamy:

The Blacklist Joely Richardson Cassandra Bianchi Raymond Red Reddington James Spader NBC

(Image credit: Will Hart / NBC)

Someone looks pretty happy in the picture below. Is Cassandra gazing at Red in this Blacklist photo? If so, she seems pleased, and I cannot wait to find out why. Also, be sure to note that she is wearing red. I would love it if she always has the color on her somewhere, regardless of what else is going on with her wardrobe on any given day:

The Blacklist Joely Richardson Cassandra Bianchi NBC

(Image credit: Will Hart / NBC)

Here is Liz enjoying some mother/daughter time with Agnes, who will perform in what appears to be a ballet recital. I wish Tom were alive to see this:

The Blacklist Elizabeth Liz Keen Meghan Boone NBC

(Image credit: Will Hart / NBC)

The picture below is another interesting one. Liz and Cooper do not appear to be at the Post Office or Agnes’ recital. Either way, it seems like the two are having an important conversation. Will Liz come clean about Katarina to Cooper? Check out this still:

The Blacklist Harold Cooper Harry Lennix Elizabeth Liz Keen Megan Boone NBC

(Image credit: Will Hart / NBC)

Again, there's no sign of the “trustworthy” Katarina Rostova in the promotional pictures released. Nevertheless, it is going to be a blast to have The Blacklist back. There is so much to look forward too, including the next season. It does seem the crime drama might be hinting at Liz and Ressler getting a bit closer. Is romance in the air? Stay tuned.

I hope Ressler’s 2020 secret will not disrupt things! The Blacklist returns during the midseason on Friday, March 20, at 8 p.m. ET. The party starts with a two-hour premiere on NBC. You can watch previous seasons of The Blacklist on Netflix alongside content arriving in 2020.

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