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Sling TV Is Offering Free Streaming To Everyone During Coronavirus Quarantine, No Really

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(Image credit: fox press)
(Image credit: fox press)

With such a huge chunk of the population currently quarantined due to COVID-19 safety concerns, it's only natural for families to gather around their televisions to find entertainment. Not everyone has access to a wide range of TV shows and movies, with many people are temporarily out of work as the crisis continues, but the cord-cutter-friendly Sling TV has stepped up to provide free streaming programming to anyone with Internet access, without any monthly subscriptions necessary.

On Wednesday, March 18, Sling TV launched the streaming initiative being dubbed "Stay in & SLING!," as a way to keep people around the country entertained and informed without having to worry about costs. To be expected from a free service like this, Sling TV can't offer the kinds of shows and movies that major streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ are constantly adding, but there's still a lot to dig into for those who need laughs, scares and knowledge.

Basically, Sling TV's free programming falls under four categories.


In an effort to give American citizens more than just entertainment, Sling TV has made available ABC News Live, which is the network's 24-hour streaming platform focused entirely on breaking news and live events. The service is also hosting Fox News' live programming for streaming purposes.

Bingeable TV Shows

For those who want to escape the news for a while, Sling TV is offering an eclectic selection of scripted and unscripted TV shows spanning quite a few decades. On the comedy front, fans can check out the entire series runs of former hits like Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Grounded for Life, Cybil, Grace Under Fire and more. Sling TV also has a decent selection of episodes from Adult Swim series such as Rick and Morty, Black Dynamite, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and more. Cartoon Network hits such as Teen Titans GO!, DC Super Hero Girls, Adventure Time and others are also available. Stand-up specials from Eddie Griffin, Bryan Callen and more comedians are there as well.

Sling TV's TV drama side is just as random, with shows such as The Commish, the UK Shameless, Silk Stalkings, The Greatest American Hero, and Bonanza, to name a few. On the unscripted front, there are reality competitions like Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, as well as true crime shows like Forensic Files, Unsolved Mysteries, Killers: Behind the Myth and more.


The movie selection for Sling TV's freebie section is another grab bag. There's a horror section with some decent flicks such as Triangle, Dog Soldiers, Intruders and more. On the action and drama side, films like Nicolas Cage's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, Reese Witherspoon's breakout Freeway and Scott Adkins' Ninja stand out more than some other B-sides from Wesley Snipes, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and other action stars.

Live TV

Beyond the ABC News Live and Fox News feeds, Sling TV is also hosting a small selection of networks hosting live streaming of TV shows and movies. There's the vintage game show channel BUZZR, the trial-centric Law & Crime Rewind, the vintage TV and movie channel The Film Detective, and the news and opinion network Free Speech TV.

For anyone who wants to check out Sling TV's "Stay In & SLING!" promotion for themselves, just head to Sling TV's My TV website (opens in new tab) and get to streaming without any delays. That's also where potential future customers can check out the subscription streaming packages that Sling offers.

With some premiere dates possibly being shifted due to coronavirus setbacks, our Winter and Spring TV schedule will also help quarantined audiences figure out what to watch in the coming weeks and months.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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