Rosario Dawson Finally Addresses The Mandalorian's Ahsoka Tano News

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Last month, fans were left buzzing with reports that MCU vet Rosario Dawson had joined the cast of The Mandalorian Season 2 in the live-action role of Ahsoka Tano, a character that, until, now that has existed in animated form as voiced by Ashley Eckstein on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. After staying silent for a while, Dawson is finally addressing the reports surrounding the unconfirmed casting.

Neither Disney+ nor Rosario Dawson (or Jon Favreau, etc.) have offered official confirmations about the Jedi warrior joining the already awesome cast list for Season 2. If true, Dawson will get to realize a longtime dream, as she's expressed interest in bringing Ahsoka Tano to life more than once over the years. Addressing the reports, Dawson told Variety:

That’s not confirmed yet but when that happens, I will be very happy. I’m very excited for that to be confirmed at some point. [It would be] a million and one percent because of the fans.

What is taking so long? It is anyone’s guess at this point. Regardless, Disney+ is taking its time confirming or denying the casting, but answers will have to come at some point before Season 2 debuts in October. The reports have already been addressed by Ahsoka Tano’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars vocal portrayer, Ashley Eckstein.

Ashley Eckstein confirmed she would not be playing Ahsoka Tano on The Mandalorian. She did not explicitly confirm that Rosario Dawson would be. Dawson’s comments iseem to bode well for her joining the cast as Ahsoka Tano, though. She certainly did not dismiss the possibility, which is excellent news for fans.

As Rosario Dawson’s comments indicate here, and in the past, she is undoubtedly interested in playing Ahsoka Tano. While fans wait for official confirmation, they can take heart in knowing they played a role in getting Dawson supposedly cast as Ahsoka Tano for The Mandalorian. If you need a head start in picturing Dawson in the part, fan art has already imagined Dawson as Ahsoka.

The journey to get to this point has been thrilling. Rosario Dawson mentioned wanting to play Ahsoka Tano in a Star Wars movie. Three years later, and that wish may finally be coming true. But that’s not the only potential greatness on the horizon, with Dawson’s time as Ahsoka possibly extending past The Mandalorian.

There are reports that Rosario Dawson may not just take on the role of Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian. Instead, her journey playing the character could expand to other Disney+ series and franchise projects. Dawson’s time as Ahsoka may just be beginning in Season 2 of the Disney+ hit, which is an exciting thing to consider as a firm confirmation remains elusive for the time being.

Fans have recently wanted Rosario Dawson to also take on the role of She-Hulk for the upcoming Disney+ Marvel show, but it's not clear if that kind of double duty is possible, given the actress' already busy career. As far as confirmations about Ahsoka Tano go, though, I would say that Dawson’s recent response about those Mandalorian rumors certainly sounds good for the future.

While you wait for official confirmation about Rosario Dawson playing Ahsoka Tano, stream The Mandalorian’s first season on Disney+. The second season is currently set to arrive this October, so quite a while after this spring’s premieres.

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