How Long Blue Bloods' Tom Selleck Thinks The Show Should Last

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Blue Bloods just wrapped its tenth season with the emotional finale. With another year under its belt and no word on a Season 11 renewal yet, one has to wonder just how long the show has left. Well, after serving as the lead of the crime procedural for over a decade, Tom Selleck has some thoughts on the matter.

Tom Selleck is no stranger to playing a character on a long-running series, as he led the original Magnum P.I. for eight seasons from 1980 to 1988. While Selleck has no plans to ever appear on the reboot, he is game to keep starring on Blue Bloods. As of right now, he's currently negotiating his return for a potential eleventh season and doesn't see the show slowing down anytime soon:

Well, I’m negotiating with CBS about next season. I’d like them to order two seasons. We can do much betters shows if we know where we’re going. This show has lasted because the characters have been allowed to grow and change. The potential is limitless in my opinion. The cast seems to love each other; I sure love them. The actors are doing phenomenal work. Everybody’s very much aware that this is maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity—a show that’s found its way and is welcomed by an audience. I’m ready to go back when it’s okay to start again.

Tom Selleck definitely sounded optimistic while speaking with TV Insider. It's great to hear that he wants to return for more, and he makes a good point about the positive impact that a multi-season renewal can have on the creative process. While this renewal is not a sure thing for Blue Bloods, it is a strong possibility. Not only do these renewals seem to be all the rage these days, but CBS has also set a precedent for them. Last year, the Eye Network renewed its comedy Young Sheldon for two additional seasons.

If Blue Bloods were to receive similar news, there's a good chance Tom Selleck's co-stars would also be on board. However, Selleck did not commit to doing five more seasons, which would bring Blue Bloods to a staggering fifteen seasons. And don't scoff at the idea of that total, as CBS' The Big Bang Theory ran for twelve.

Tom Selleck sentiments also seem to line up with the hopes and feelings of most Blue Bloods fans. Thankfully, he indicated the cast really gets along well, and you would have to be to get through filming those tough family dinner scenes. All in all, this is definitely a good sign for the series' longevity.

Throughout it all, Blue Bloods has remained one of CBS’s significant successes. After ten seasons, the show is still doing well in the ratings as it continues to tell stories both personal and professional within the Reagan family, of which Tom Selleck’s Frank is the patriarch.

Some actors have left through the years, but the core Reagans still remain. During the series’ long run, the actors have also gotten behind-the-scenes opportunities. Tom Selleck’s on-screen son, Donnie Wahlberg, got to direct him. Selleck has remained at the helm of the ensemble and has done a great job heading the cast. Having him back would be a joy. Of course, we just need those negotiations to get wrapped up!

There are certainly plenty more memorable family dinners to get through at the Reagans, but the family isn't the only matter on CBS' plate. Blue Bloods and many others are currently waiting to learn what their futures hold after the TV season was brought to an early end.

You can binge-watch Blue Bloods now on CBS All Access and, while you wait for word on Season 11, be sure to look out for this summer’s premieres.

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