Porn Site Offers Queer Eye Host $100K To Give Cooking Tutorials

Queer Eye's Antoni Porwoski going through his pantry.

It’s hard to say too many positive things about quarantine, but if I had to pull out just one, it’s that so many people seem to have picked up fun and exciting hobbies. My wife, for example, learned how to juggle (up to 4 balls now!). One of my friends started making a quilt, and I have been trying my hardest to get better at cooking. I don’t seem to be alone in that last pursuit. Twitter has been flush with stories of people learning to bake bread. More recipes are being passed across social media than ever, and now, even a cam site is getting in on helping the world eat better.

At the end of May, popular adult site CamSoda announced a new content series called CamSoda Cooks (NSFW). The feature pairs a user with a cam model and a cooking tutorial. The user can then prepare the meal in question using the tutorial and ultimately enjoy a dinner date with one of the models. Now, the site is looking to expand the feature by paying to bring in some famous foodies, and executives would like to start with Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski. They’re willing to pay handsomely for his time too. Here’s a portion of the offer letter CinemaBlend obtained…

We would love for you to lead at least three cooking sessions per week (ideally breakfast, lunch and dinner) through the end of July. And since you’re a reputable and well-versed foodie, you would have full creative control to develop the menu as you wish. In return for your services, we can offer you up to $100,000, which you can donate to the charity of your choice. In turn, we will match that donation.

CamSoda is, of course, no stranger to making headlines (even some that involve a shark). The adult entertainment company that specializes in live models has been busy this year with outside the box ideas. It offered to let San Diego Comic-Con stream on its platform after the event was cancelled. It offered stranded cruise ship passengers free porn while they were stuck in quarantine, and now, there's this new cooking section that's going to be launching soon.

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski hasn’t yet responded to the offer. Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to assume he’ll be passing. To be honest, though, this kinda sounds like fun, and given how much he enjoyed Family Feud, I'm sure he'd have a great time with this. It’s also worth pointing out that every year, it feels like porn gets a little more mainstream. Late last month, Pornhub rolled out a watch party that was hosted by popular comedian Jim Norton. Shake It Up star Bella Thorne recently directed her own adult movie, and we’re seeing more and more crossovers to the mainstream from current or former pornstars.

We’ll let you know if any forward progress happens here in terms of an accepted offer or an additional offer to another superstar in the foodie world. Until then, consider mixing your porn and your food together. It solves two problems at once.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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