Constantine Maroulis Reveals What Happened On Broadway The Week Nick Cordero, Others Got Sick

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(Image credit: CBS)

Blue Bloods actor Nick Cordero has been incredibly sick with the coronavirus and hospitalized for over two months now. Back in April, he was fighting for his life, and he continues to do so. Now, his friend Constantine Maroulis is revealing what happened on Broadway the week that Cordero became ill. For context, Maroulis and Cordero both starred in Rock of Ages.

Nick Cordero has endured a lot since being admitted to the hospital, and Constantine Maroulis shared that there was a sense that something was amiss when he performed pre-coronavirus shutdown in New York City. The singer/actor opened up about what would be his last performance as Broadway shuttered its doors the following day. Of that fateful final night, Maroulis told Variety:

My last show in New York city turned out to be the last show, maybe, of the year. There was definitely something in the air that night. The next day, Tuesday March 10, there were rumors spreading like wildfire that Broadway was going to be canceled. At first they said it’s going to be a month and then we’ll be back. But I don’t think anyone really believed that.

Indeed. Broadway has been dark ever since, and like filming on television shows, plans to return have been tentative. Blue Bloods, which Nick Cordero had a role on, has reportedly considered using a machine that “zaps” COVID-19 for when it returns to film Season 11. Meanwhile, Cordero has continued his fight to survive.

After being in a medically induced coma, Nick Cordero did not immediately wake up. His devoted wife, Amanda Kloots, eventually got to share the fantastic news that he had come out of his coma. Sadly, the virus has more than left its mark on Cordero, who has experienced tremendous physical fallout from his diagnosis.

The actor had to have his leg amputated and a pacemaker inserted. Nick Cordero also suffered holes in his lungs. Cordero’s condition took a turn back in April, which was the month after Constantine Maroulis’ final performance in New York City. Fast forward to June, and Cordero is still battling the aftermath of contracting COVID-19.

Nick Cordero’s wife has been giving updates throughout her husband’s ordeal. Amanda Kloots recently revealed that she finally got to visit him in person for the first time since his hospitalization. An update soon followed, and Kloots shared that Cordero was more alert than he had been in a “little while.”

Those following the situation continue to hope and pray that Nick Cordero will make a full recovery, especially because he and his wife have a young son together. Constantine Maroulis and Zach Braff are among the couple’s famous friends, and Braff stepped up in a significant way by letting Cordero’s family stay with him during his hospitalization.

Sylvester Stallone also sent a message to Nick Cordero after he woke up from his coma. With so much support, one can hope that Cordero will be able to survive his horrific ordeal. He faces a future that could include a lung transplant at some point, though his wife recently said he was too ill to undergo such a procedure at this point.

It has been two months since the Blue Bloods star’s health made headlines, and thanks to his wife’s updates, fans have been kept posted throughout it. Thankfully, he has now tested negative for COVID-19 so, hopefully, some long-term good news is in store for this family.

You can watch Nick Cordero’s performance as Victor Lugo on Blue Bloods. Past seasons are now streaming on CBS All Access. While you wait for the crime procedural to return for Season 11 at some point, be sure to anticipate this summer’s premieres.

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