CBS' Blue Bloods Is Looking Into A COVID-Zapping Robot For Season 11

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Not too long ago, Blue Bloods received the excellent news that it will be returning for Season 11 on CBS. The question, however, is when it can get started in light of the coronavirus quarantines, as well as how it could happen. Well, the Tom Selleck-led drama is apparently looking into a COVID-zapping robot to deal with it, surprisingly enough.

Blue Bloods has reportedly shown considerable interest in the machine, which has been trademarked under the name Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot," according to THR. The sci-fi-sounding device disperses pulses of UV rays (dubbed LightStrike) that eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. The robot, which comes from the San Antonio company Xenex Disinfection Services, reportedly deactivates a staggering 99.99% of the virus after its two-minute process is completed.

Blue Bloods has reportedly moved to put at least one of the robots on hold for potential use if producers get the greenlight from industry task forces. Everyone is apparently ready to shell out some major moolah for the robot, which runs around $125,000 to purchase, though the device can also be rented out on a monthly basis.

If it goes through, Tom Selleck (and his co-stars) would have to wait while the robot does its thing on-set before they can film those scrumptious family dinner scenes. But it doesn't sound like it will take that long of a wait. The robots have already been used in more than 500 healthcare facilities across the globe, and the process is fairly quick, taking around five minutes or so per room for the robot to dish out its intense ultraviolet light across all surface areas. (For what it's worth, the light is also safe for humans to be around, though it could cause some eyesight damage.)

Of course, Tom Selleck could probably stand to wait for a few before filming the Reagans’ weekly dinner on Blue Bloods. He has said the signature scenes are pretty “miserable” to film and for a good reason. The good news, of course, is that this kind of robot could help enable Blue Bloods to return to work safely, along with any other TV productions that choose to employ the machine.

While Blue Bloods' renewal has been known for a while, it's remained unclear when the show could safely begin filming its eleventh season, barring any 100% effective vaccines going public. Even if fans have to wait a little longer, everyone can take comfort in knowing that Tom Selleck does not think there is an endpoint in sight for the crime procedural, so there could be many seasons in the future if CBS and the producers aim to make it happen.

Like many TV shows on CBS and beyond, Blue Bloods is currently in flux with an uncertain future in terms of returning to production. The CBS drama was one of the network series forced to end its recent season early due to the coronavirus crisis, signing off with an emotional finale, but not one that was initially planned episode to cap the season.

The coronavirus pandemic has intimately impacted the Blue Bloods family elsewhere as well. Broadway star Nick Cordero, who has played Victor Lugo in multiple episodes, is currently battling the coronavirus. The actor recently woke up from a prolonged medically induced coma. However, his wife Amanda Kloots made it clear he's not out of the woods yet, most recently sharing that he's suffered through “a bad morning."

As the Blue Bloods family and others wait to learn the latest on Nick Cordero’s condition, the show he is well known for doing is trying to find a solution to continue production. Could this COVID-zapping robot hold the key to starting back? If so, will other shows follow Blue Bloods’ lead, such as This Is Us, which may not start filming again until January 2021.

Tom Selleck and his co-stars could eventually get back to work thanks to this new device that's quickly gaining popularity. For now, though, you can already get to the intense action of binge-watching Blue Bloods, which is now streaming on CBS All Access. While you wait for Season 11 of the crime procedural to arrive, be sure to keep track of this summer’s premieres.

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