The Baby-Sitters Club Season 1 Ending: 7 Questions We Have After The Finale

Sophie Grace, Momona Tamada, Shay Rudolph, Malia Baker, and Xochitl Gomez in The Baby-Sitters Club 2

The Baby-Sitters Club is a beloved children’s book series that became a 90s TV show and movie. Now Netflix has created their own version of the story, giving a modern twist that parents, children, and those feeling nostalgic can enjoy. The series alternates between perspectives of the five main characters Kristy (Sophie Grace), Claudia (Momona Tamada), Stacey (Shay Rudolph), Mary Anne (Malia Baker), and Dawn (Xochitl Gomez). The Baby-Sitters Club Season 1 ending tied up everything nicely, but we still have questions. Spoilers ahead!

The Baby-Sitters Club Season 1 finale had the sitters end their long battle with camp director Means (Tami Sagher). She finally accepts that there is no way to control the Baby-Sitters Club, instead, there is only finding a happy middle ground. Netflix may have decided to end this season without any cliffhangers, but the show introduced us to many potential storylines for future seasons. Let’s explore some of our lingering questions.

Alicia Silverstone and Sophie Grace in the Baby-Sitters Club

How Will Kristy Adjust To Her New Blended Family Life?

The majority of The Baby-Sitters Club Season 1 revolved around Kristy’s unhappiness with her mom, Elizabeth (Alicia Silverstone) marrying Watson (Mark Feuerstein). Kristy didn’t want her family to be swept away with Watson’s wealth and privilege. She also just didn’t like the guy--likely for fear of losing her mother to him.

On The Baby-Sitters Club Season 1, Episode 8, “Kristy’s Big Day,” Watson and Elizabeth marry. After seeing her mom so happy, Kristy changes her attitude and seems ready to embrace her new blended family life, but the viewers never get to see the aftermath of the wedding.

Watson and Elizabeth go on their honeymoon and Kristy leaves for camp with some of her siblings. Though Kristy is starting to be nicer to Watson, I expect we’ll still see some family drama. Also, Kristy’s absent father wasn’t around, but his lack of presence was an important part of Kristy’s Season 1 storyline. I wouldn’t be shocked if he returns out of the blue in Season 2, causing stress for Elizabeth and Watson.

Marc Evan Jackson and Jessica Elaina Eason in The Baby-Sitters Club

What Will Happen Between Dawn’s Mom And Mary Anne’s Dad?

Dawn’s mom, Sharon (Jessica Elaina Eason), and Mary Anne’s father, Richard (Marc Evan Jackson) dated when they were younger, now that both are living in the same area and single, they’re trying to give it another chance. There was some turmoil with them because of their conflicting attitudes, and Richard not quite being ready to let go of the memory of his deceased wife, but, by Episode 8, they seemed happier than ever.

These two are definitely an odd couple but they work. Richard and Sharon seem to bring out the best in each other, and both Dawn and Mary Anne wanted them together. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up getting married at some point, and viewers watch step-sibling issues develop between Dawn and Mary Anne.

Anais Lee and Vivian Watson in The Baby-Sitters Club

How Will The Junior Baby-Sitters’ Club Members Be Integrated Into The Series?

The most important part of The Baby-Sitters Club finale was the introduction of Junior Baby-Sitters Club members Jessi (Anais Lee) and Mallory (Vivian Watson ). They both help the Baby-Sitters Club members on Episodes 9 and 10, so the regular members decide to ask them to join the club and become junior members.

Both Jessi and Mallory are original characters from the book and movie, so I expect Season 2 to feature their own stories. We should have at least one episode with their points-of-views, which will give us a chance to really get to know them.

Shay Randolph and Beatrice Kitsos in The Baby-Sitters Club

Will Laine Have A Bigger Role In Season 2?

Laine (Beatrice Kitsos) is one of Stacey’s former friends from New York City. The two were best friends until a video came out featuring Stacey having health issues because of her Type 1 Diabetes. Stacey heads to Stoneybrook and never speaks to her NYC friends again.

Randomly, Laine and Stacey both end up at Camp Moosehead. Laine regrets what happened, but Stacy is still hurt by the situation. The two end up staying in the Camp Moosehead medical room together after they both react to poison ivy. The time locked up together makes them reflect, apologize, and become friends again.

As far as we know, Laine still lives in NYC, so if she does appear it will probably be brief visits to Stoneybrook. However, I don’t know if Laine’s brief appearance is part of a bigger plan, and she may become more of a main character in Season 2. It could also just be a nice way to offer some resolution to Stacey’s NYC life, and we’ll never see Laine again.

Malia Baker and Rian McCririck in The Baby-Sitters Club

What Happens Next For Mary Anne And Logan?

Most of the girls had some type of romantic development, but the series focused a lot on Mary Anne’s crush on Logan (Rian McCririck). She couldn’t talk to Logan for a while, but then the two worked together on the Camp Moosehead play.

They finally shared a kiss on the finale. We still don’t know much about Logan, except he is also into the theater like Mary Anne. Whether the kiss was a one-time thing or if they’ll become a couple in The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 is yet-to-be-determined. If I had to guess, I think we’ll see Richard stressing out even more with his daughter now dating a boy.

Takayo Fischer as Mimi in the Baby-Sitters Club

Will Mimi’s Health Continue To Decline?

Claudia’s grandmother Mimi (Takayo Fischer) is hospitalized in The Baby-Sitters Club Season 1, Episode 6, “Claudia and Mean Janine.” She recovers but Claudia’s older sister Janine (Aya Furukawa) mentions that due to Mimi’s age, she likely won’t be the same.

She was shown struggling to move in other episodes of Season 1, but she seemed mostly fine. Honestly, I was worried the series was about to take a dark turn and have Mimi die. Luckily, Netflix didn’t want to break our hearts yet, but I suspect more health issues might appear in later seasons. We also might learn more about Mimi’s time in Manzanar, and the heartbreaking story that comes with it.

Sophie Grace, Momona Tamada, Shay Rudolph, Malia Baker, Xochitl Gomez, Anais Lee, and Vivian Watson

How Will The Baby-Sitters Club Navigate Being Junior Camp Counselors?

Unexpectedly, the Camp Moosehead storyline became a two-episode story arc that concluded the season. It involved each girl growing in their own way, and facing their own set of obstacles. For Dawn and Claudia, it was getting justice for the less fortunate who can’t afford some of the high camp extras. For Mary Anne, it was finding her voice and confidence to direct and star in the play. For Stacey, it was resolving things with Laine, and for Kristy, it was finding her new step-sister and learning to take a backseat.

For all the stress and drama they caused the camp, the girls were rewarded by becoming junior camp counselors, so they went into training at the end of the season. Likely, we will see Camp Moosehead again in future seasons. This probably means we’ll see the girls finding more ways to help and express themselves while at camp.

The Baby-Sitters Club is still in renewed-or-canceled limbo, and it will likely stay there for at least another month, but the series seems popular enough to earn another season by Netflix, so we'll see. The Baby-Sitters Club is one of the many great shows available to stream on Netflix in July.

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