David Beckham Tricked Into Singing Spice Girls, And Victoria Beckham Approves

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David Beckham spiced up his life back in 1999 when he married then-Spice Girl Victoria Adams, and their marriage has lasted well beyond when she gave up her "Posh" life. Beckham recently teamed up with James Corden for a segment on CBS' The Late Late Show, and the end result was the former soccer player singing some Spice Girls. Victoria Beckham wasted no time in sharing her approval.

James Corden and David Beckham dropped by a spin class, of all things, for The Late Late Show, and things got spicy when Corden took control of the class. More importantly, Corden took control of the spin class playlist, and the result was Beckham showing off his knowledge of his wife's music. Take a look at the clip, posted with Victoria Beckham's commentary!

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Did David Beckham tell James Corden to "fuck off" at one point during the Spice Girls spin class moment? Sure. To be fair, though, Corden was trying to get Beckham to do some pretty elaborate moves that might have fit into a Spice Girls video but weren't exactly easy for anybody to tackle during an intense spin class. And his grin when he heard "Wannabe" start to play was pretty cute, if you ask me. No wonder Victoria Beckham approves!

Honestly, I have to commend him for his little flourish when he started singing the "zigazig-ah" line. How many of us could do that while spinning our hardest on an exercise bike? James Corden had to badger him a bit to start singing again, but David Beckham decided to be a good sport.

If Victoria Beckham can't make the next Spice Girls tour again, maybe her husband can substitute. According to her, he did always want to be in the band! In all seriousness, a fun coincidence means David Beckham's performance of "Wannabe" released just days after the eight-year anniversary of the Spice Girls' reunion performance of the same song at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London. Take a look!

David Beckham gets an A for effort, but I'm not sure he's ready to go full Spice Girl after lending his voice for a few lines during James Corden's spin class! Then again, I'm guessing Victoria Beckham couldn't exactly take the soccer field like her husband could in his prime, so no shame here!

David Beckham singing and even doing a bit of dancing to his wife's famous song is pretty endearing, and Victoria Beckham clearly isn't the only one who thinks he nailed it. At the time of writing, less than 24 hours of being posted on her Instagram page, the video has been viewed nearly 2.5 million times. I definitely account for at least a few of those! Who doesn't love a blast from the Spice Girls past?

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