The Boys Cast Tells Fans To 'Wear A F-ing Mask' In Hilarious New Video

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Most of the characters on Amazon's The Boys tend to go through their lives with fairly reckless abandon, regardless of whether they're part of the superhero group The Seven or if they're part of the titular supe-hating quintet. But that obviously doesn't mean that all of the cast members are amoral and unsympathetic in the same ways. In fact, The Boys stars put aside their narrative-based rivalries and teamed up to deliver a pandemic-related message to fans: "Wear a fucking mask!"

Following the show's panel for the Television Critics Association summer press tour, The Boys dropped the below mask-promoting video, complete with all the explicit F-bombs that fans have come to expect from the action-packed series. Check it out, but obviously keep the sound turned down if there are young children or job supervisors nearby.

While The Boys' cast members obviously weren't in character for the video, everything played out in a ways that it likely would have if all of the show's core personalities were trying to convince others to wear masks as a means of containing the spread of COVID-19 (among other things). You gotta love that the newest cast member Aya Cast, who portrays The Seven's newest member Stormfront, is the star who gets to drop the first F-bomb in laying out the general "wear a fucking mask" initiative. Since she wasn't around in Season 1, she's got some ground to make up when it comes to swearing and getting her face smooshed with something bloody. That latter part doesn't happen in the video, though.

The lack of blood and other disgusting visuals is probably the biggest difference between the video above and an episode of The Boys. Well, except for the length, and the fact that the actors use their real names. And then there's the whole "everyone talking right into the camera and speaking to the audience" thing. Okay, so it's nothing like an episode. It's real life, and the "wear a fucking mask" message is very much one that needs real-world attention.

Jack Quaid presents the very legitimate scenario that even though The Boys fans would no doubt love to hear news about the already confirmed Season 3, it can't actually become a reality when barely any TV projects are being allowed to film, due to the continued spread (and sporadic rises) of COVID-19 infections across the U.S.

While Season 3's production is still up in the air, Season 2 is very much completed and will be arriving in our lives very soon. Check out the most recent trailer below, which is full of big and badass moments to look forward to seeing in full.

The Boys Season 2 is set to debut on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 4, at 3:01 a.m. ET, with the first three episodes releasing at once before the show adopts a one-a-week schedule for the rest of the season. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for exclusive coverage on Season 2, and while waiting for that info to rise from The Deep, stay tuned to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule to see everything else hitting the small screen in the coming months.

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