Netflix Is Now Offering Bird Box, Eps Of Stranger Things And More Originals For Free

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The biggest streaming service in the world is pulling a mostly unprecedented move going into what is traditionally the fall TV season, which has largely been delayed across the board. Netflix has set up a new website making a limited supply of original TV episodes and movies available completely for free for anyone to watch. The reason behind this update isn't entirely benevolent, of course, but hey, free Bird Box!

There are ten projects serving as promotion for Netflix's new Watch Free site, with seven of those being popular TV shows and three being movies. It's a pretty solid selection all the way around in terms of trying to appeal to a broad selection of potential customers. From dark genre fare to critically lauded dramas to something for younger viewers, Netflix's tasting menu is designed to welcome as many new users as possible. Check out the TV shows getting sneak previews below.

Stranger ThingsÉliteBoss Baby: Back in BusinessWhen They See UsLove Is BlindOur PlanetGrace and Frankie

Naturally, Netflix isn't offering up entire seasons of these hit shows non gratis, since that would be giving a little too much away. The plan here, of course, is to draw in new customers with their first dose of a mythology-driven show like Stranger Things or a drama-oozing reality series like Love Is Blind, knowing how strong the pull of new entertainment can be at a time like this. (Remember those petitions to just make lots of streaming services free, because COVID?) Full seasons for the above TV shows come out to just less than 20, and there are obviously hundreds more shows on Netflix to keep busy with.

For those still undecided about signing up for Netflix, it's hard to argue against three of its most-watched original films being offered up for no charge. Check out that shortlist below.

Murder MysteryBird BoxThe Two Popes

Murder Mystery is one of the latest Netflix-produced flicks from Adam Sandler, who teamed up with co-star Jennifer Aniston for a comedic take on the titular situation. Bird Box is the breakout horror-thriller hit with Sandra Bullock, from director Susanne Bier. And then The Two Popes is a more lighthearted based-on-real-life drama starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce as the two religious figures in the title.

While it might seem to many that Netflix is ubiquitous enough to be in everyone's homes by this point, that's obviously not the case, either here in the U.S. or abroad. Thus, the company is always looking to bring in new customers all over the world, though rarely has it offered up these kinds of freebies to entice them.

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