Um, Demi Lovato's Now-Ex Max Ehrich Is Saying They Never Officially Broke Up With Each Other

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Romance has decidedly not been in the air between music superstar Demi Lovato and former fiancé Max Ehrich, who reportedly split less than a week ago. Lovato was spotted without her engagement ring, and further social media activity painted a picture of a pretty clear breakup, but now Ehrich has come out and said that he and Lovato never officially broke up before reports started circulating.

Actor Max Ehrich took to social media with some Instagram posts that have since been deleted, but said this (via Page Six) when he posted on September 27:

To this moment… we haven’t spoken over the phone… we haven’t even officially ended anything to each other, literally. I’m here in real time with y’all. I love Demetria and just want her to be healthy and safe.

Singer-turned-actress Demi Lovato seemed to be sending a very clear message by not wearing her engagement ring, and her sister Dallas Lovato along with her bodyguard reportedly unfollowing Max Ehrich on Instagram is what initially led followers to suspect that the engagement was off. According to Ehrich himself, however, the split wasn't official because he and Lovato hadn't talked it out.

These comments follow Max Ehrich's previous claim that he found out about the split via a tabloid story while he was filming a movie. His post claiming that he and Demi Lovato hadn't officially split went live on Instagram on September 27, and he followed with a cryptic Instagram Story on September 28 that might indicate the situation has finally been settled for him. Ehrich wrote:

One chapter finally closed this am. And now I turn the page. Focused on wellness, love, God, my family, friends, and my art. Good vibes only :)

Was Max Ehrich saying that the chapter of his life that was his relationship with Demi Lovato "finally closed" on the morning of September 28? Or was he referring to something else entirely? Ehrich also used Instagram to debunk Facebook posts purportedly from him as "fake news," saying that he only uses Instagram, and doesn't "post on Facebook or twitter."

Demi Lovato herself hasn't addressed the reported split on her own Instagram account, although she shared a cryptic Story of her own. She shared a reposted Instagram Story that began with "I knew I was healing when..." and was followed by several bullet points, including "I enjoyed time alone," "I started responding rather than reacting," "I was okay with being misunderstood," and "I set boundaries."

It's not clear if Demi Lovato was referring to her relationship with Max Ehrich with the post, as she has dealt with plenty of other struggles in her life, but a source reportedly told E! News that Lovato "wants no contact" with Ehrich and "is completely embarrassed at the way he's been acting and putting their relationship on blast." For now, fans can only wait and see if Lovato comes out with a statement that confirms or refutes Ehrich's earlier claim that they hadn't spoken to officially break up.

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