90 Day Fiance's Jihoon Lee Responds To Deavan Clegg's Shocking Breakup Claims

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Warning! The following may contain spoilers for the back half of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 2. Read at your own risk!

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way still has some time to go before Season 2 returns, but that doesn't mean the drama has slowed in the show's hiatus. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee's split has been some of the major news as of late. Now, the shocking circumstances behind their split have seemingly been revealed, and as usual, there are different sides to the story.

Not long after Deavan Clegg confirmed that she and Jihoon Lee have not been invited to 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's eventual tell-all for Season 2, news surfaced that the reason for their breakup was very messy and shocking. According to AllAboutTheTea.com, the couple was uninvited from the tell-all after TLC helped Deavan return to America following claims that Jihoon had physically abused her daughter from a previous marriage, Drascilla. Jihoon referenced Drascilla in a lengthy Instagram Stories post in which he tried to dispel fact from fiction in their breakup, and may have referenced the incident in question.

She wanted me to be a father to Drascilla. I accepted, and when I tried to show Drascilla right from wrong, or even disciplining, both Deavan and Drascilla rejected the growing pains. Deavan did not accept any type of discipline or helping her child become an amazing young girl. Here is a prime example: Drascilla was enrolled into an English academy in Korea. I would get calls from the director that Drascilla was hitting, spitting, screaming and pulling other kids hair and the teachers. So I would come down to the school and try to talk to her the best I could. She wouldn't listen. She would continue with the same tactics, even after I would show her what she was doing was wrong. When she was pulling other children's hair and making them cry, I tugged on her hair, and asked 'If I pull on your hair, does it hurt? You don't want to hurt your friends or the other kids' and that still didn't work in her understanding...Deavan said I was in the wrong and hurt her child. I have a written statement from the school in regards to these incidents of Drascilla being this way.

Drascilla played a part in a 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way storyline before the Season 2 hiatus and Jihoon's lack of attention to her during a stressful park scene served as a big point of tension. Now Jihoon Lee is alleging Deavan Clegg never gave him the opportunity to be a father to Drascilla, and rear and discipline her in a way that he felt was appropriate. Jihoon believes he did nothing wrong, but it's important to remember that this is his side of the story.

Jihoon went on and talked about the day Deavan left Korea, and how the reasons for leaving have changed over time. Jihoon shared his version of the events leading up to her leaving Korea and the eventual collapse of their marriage.

While I was working, I suddenly got a call from Deavan. She said she would kill herself if I didn't let her leave for America with my son. The next day I scratched my card and sent Deavan to America. My parents said they'd take care of the children if she left them, but it might be hard. She said she would take the children with her...And a month later, she said that I abused Drascilla and demanded a breakup. A month later, another man was imitating Taeyang's father. Deavan made claims that Drascilla told Deavan that I had been abusing Drascilla. Drascilla told the truth that there was nothing to be said later on and Deavan was still going for the the separation without confirming it with me. She did it through social media after she found her new boyfriend.

Jihoon Lee's story comes after months of Deavan Clegg teasing "horrible" circumstances that led to their split, and claiming that the truth would be revealed in the tell-all. Now that both are reportedly uninvited, this may be the only story we hear about the incident. It's unknown if there are charges or any investigation is underway towards the abuse claims regarding Drascilla, though one would imagine those details may come now that the news is out.

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