Netflix Just Revealed How Hard Ryan Murphy's Ratched Has Dominated In 2020, And Dang

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Ratched Sarah Paulson Mildred Ratched Alice Englert Nurse Dolly Netflix

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Ryan Murphy’s decision to head to Netflix with Ratched has proven to be a major success. In fact, Netflix has revealed how much the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest prequel has dominated in 2020, and the result is pretty jaw-dropping. Prepare for some seriously shocking numbers courtesy of the streaming giant!

Netflix has been more generous of late when it comes to revealing what subscribers are checking out. If you have paid any attention to its daily Top Ten reveal, you know which TV shows have been doing well. What you have not been privy to is how well they have been doing. Cut to Netflix’s Ratched ratings and the Ryan Murphy show’s stunning results:

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You read that correctly. Nearly 50 million Netflix members tuned into Ratched during its first month on the streamer. The result? Season 1 of Ryan Murphy’s prequel series is the largest first season of any Netflix original this year. How does that compare to Netflix’s other debuts? Henry Cavill’s The Witcher reportedly drew in 76 million customer households within its first month in 2019. At the time, it set the record as Netflix’s biggest premiere.

In a related metric, you have to consider another Netflix favorite. The first four days of Stranger Things Season 3 marked a record-breaking stat. Netflix reported that 40.7 million household accounts had watched the show within its first four days. That is 8 million viewers shy of the audience that Ratched managed to draw in during its first 28 days.

Meanwhile, the first ten days of Tiger King’s reign saw 34.3 million unique viewers tune in, according to Nielsen (not Netflix). Ratched’s 2020 domination is hugely impressive heading towards the end of the year. It is no surprise there was so much interest when Ryan Murphy was developing the project. Hulu and Apple were reportedly vying for the series before Netflix won it.

Ratched will be back for another season following its September debut. Sarah Paulson will also return for the next season of American Horror Story, so she will not be far away from the small screen as fans await the Ratched return on Netflix. Speaking of Paulson, she believed that there was more to the story of the notorious film character she portrays in the sequel series.

While viewers got to see Mildred Ratched in action during the 1975 film, the Netflix series created by Ryan Murphy takes fans back in time. The possibility of taking a “deeper dive” into Nurse Ratched’s life and mind proved appealing to Sarah Paulson and subscribers. What the future holds seems pretty limitless right now. Ratched is one of many projects Murphy has streaming on Netflix.

The first season of Ratched is currently streaming on Netflix as one of its 2020 premieres. While you wait for Season 2 of the Sarah Paulson-starrer, you can check out what this fall’s schedule has to offer you.

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