Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Clare Crawley Eliminates, How Long We'll See Her And More

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Warning! Potential SPOILERS ahead for Clare Crawley's Season 16 of The Bachelorette! Look away if you don't want the secrets held within to infiltrate your very soul!

Oh. My. GOODNESS. It has taken forever, but, Bachelor Nation, we are finally standing on the brink of Season 16 of The Bachelorette! Tonight will see Clare Crawley (but probably not Tayshia Adams) begin her selection process among the 31 men chosen to be a part of her coterie. Now, we've all heard the rumors by now about the biggest of the events which has been said to go down during this season, but what about everything else? Where are the spoilers? Not to worry, fans, we've got word on how long Clare will be sticking around the Bachelor...resort, who she eliminates and more!

With all of the waiting and rumors and other things which have been so confusing and up-in-the-air about the soon to air season of The Bachelorette, it can be hard to know what info to trust. ABC certainly hasn't loosened its metaphorical lips any, especially with regards to Tayshia, Clare or the potential Dale Moss of it all, so let's turn to Reality Steve and see what he has to say about Season 16. Shall we start with when (and who) Clare kicks some of her dudes to the curb? Let's do!

OK, so, Clare begins her season (Tonight!) with 31 men to choose from. As usual, she has her first rose ceremony not long after meeting everyone and cocktail partying it up for the first time. According to Steve, on night one, Clare eliminated seven of her 31 guys. Take a look at the list, and see if any of your early favorites were among the doomed:

AJ YalawanChris ConranJeremy HigginsJordan ManierMike TobinPage PressleyRobby Stahl

Oooh. OK, in this grouping are the oldest contestant ever to grace any Bachelor franchise show in 40-year-old banker Jeremy Higgins, six-foot-eight-inch Jordan Manier, and Robby Stahl, who's said to have been recommended to the show by former Bachelor Nick Viall. And, you know what? While there were certainly some cuties in this particular group, I'm just going to go ahead and trust Clare's instincts and assume she cut out the correct guys on the first night.

Now, here's some more big, spoilery information. You know how we had no idea how long Clare would be around on this season before she (probably) abandons everyone for Dale? Well, Steve tells us that she actually managed to stick with the rose-giving for long enough to have two additional rose ceremonies, meaning that we'll likely see her in a total of four episodes. So, who else did Ms. Crawley mercilessly cut before attaching herself to Mr. Moss? Across her two final rose ceremonies, Clare cut another seven men:

Blake MonarBrandon GossGarin FlowersJordan ChapmanTyler SmithYosef AboradyZach Jackson

Again, this is a good looking group, but Clare wasn't feeling it with any of them; not even a little bit. It should be noted, though, that (technically) Yosef Aborady is told to hit bricks before a rose ceremony. We've seen snippets of Clare chewing someone out during a few of the promos for this season, and it's believed that said dude is Yosef. While we can't be sure how much of what he said to Clare will be shown, Reality Steve reports that he was an all-around ass to Clare, going so far as to call her names and be generally rude. And, this was because of a group date he wasn't even a part of. Good riddance!

Obviously, there are going to be a lot more spoilers and details to dive into as The Bachelorette Season 16 airs on ABC, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for the latest!

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