After Netflix Cancels Her Series, Away Star Hilary Swank Shares Response With Fans

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Netflix strikes again. After a single season on the streamer, Away has been cancelled. Hilary Swank starred on the show, which joins many others in getting cancelled this year. In light of the grim news that Away will not launch a second season, Swank took to social media to share her response with fans. The announcement comes despite Away doing well, according to Netflix’s daily Top Ten reveal.

Hilary Swank was nothing but classy in her post about Away’s cancellation. The Oscar-winning actress went to Instagram to share her response:

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Well, that was sweet of her to say. Hilary Swank thanked fans for tuning into Away while sharing her love for the time she did get to spend on the one-season drama. At least fans have The Right Stuff to enjoy, when it comes to space-related drama. Still, the Disney+ series would definitely not be the same as Away. The show’s three-year mission to Mars is not going to unfold over three seasons after all.

Away's cancellation comes not all that long after it premiered on Netflix. A little more than a month after making its debut in September, Netflix has cancelled any future missions for the Hilary Swank starrer. This news follows the streaming giant cancelling freshman dramas The Society and I Am Not Okay With This. The Society’s cancellation happened despite it already being renewed beforehand.

In Away’s case, the news came swiftly and without much warning, as far as I could tell. To riff off of Neil Armstrong’s famous quote, Hilary Swank being on a Netflix series was a huge “step” for Swank and a “giant leap” for her fans. Hopefully, she ends up on another show soon. Away saw the actress deal with her share of unanticipated physical challenges playing Emma Green in zero gravity.

While those difficulties proved more problematic than they might have appeared on paper, Hilary Swank sounds grateful to have gone on the ride. As for exploring more romance and space love, Away will not be going near either by way of Season 2. Speaking of which, now is probably a better time than ever to point you toward our list of shows worth streaming if you liked Away.

It is a tough day for fans, but hopefully, it will get better in time. To her massive credit, Hilary Swank certainly took the optimistic approach with her reaction, in my opinion. Away’s first and now only season is streaming on Netflix along with lots of 2020 premieres. While you try to digest the sad news about Away being cancelled, check out this fall’s schedule for another TV option.

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