Nicole Kidman Actually Has Great News About Big Little Lies Season 3

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Big Little Lies’ future is a not-so-small question that has hung in the air ever since its initially unplanned second season aired. There have been numerous comments on the topic, including a pretty hopeful update from Nicole Kidman not too long ago. Well, as it turns out, Kidman has some great news about the potential of Season 3.

So will there be a Season 3, after all? Hope has shifted back and forth since Big Little Lies’ second season wrapped last summer. The seesaw included HBO’s Casey Bloys pouring some pretty chilly water on the possibility of a Season 3. At the time, Bloys was open to a potential third season while simultaneously pointing to a lack of story. Cut to the present, and Nicole Kidman told Australia’s JAM Nation with Jonesy & Amanda:

There’s a story being concocted. Liane Moriarty is working on a book. Our group, our group of women, we all want to do it. So it’s more just the kernel of the ideas that needs to be solidified.

Nice! Nicole Kidman says that Liane Moriarty, the author behind the novel Big Little Lies is based on, is creating potential source material for Season 3. Plus, Kidman reports that she and her fellow co-stars all want to proceed with making another season. Kidman's enthusiasm really isn't too surprising since she's always sounded open to one. All of these developments are considerably big moves towards making Season 3 a reality, but things are still far from being set in stone.

A lot can change and, while Nicole Kidman’s update will undoubtedly leave a lot of Big Little Lies fans upbeat, it could go another way. Should Season 3 happen, I hope the HBO drama learned its lesson from the last time and kept all of the set décor on-hand. It would also be quite the accomplishment for the big-budget series to receive a third season, especially when you consider the resistance it faced.

At first, Big Little Lies’ creator David E. Kelley was not the biggest fan of moving forward with another season following its initial success. Remember, the Nicole Kidman starrer was supposed to be a one-and-done adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s novel and not a returning series that saw its star-studded cast continue sifting through the rubble of their characters’ messy lives.

If (and it is still an if) Big Little Lies returns, it will have to contend with its popular cast’s busy schedules and the new normal. Any production that's done on a third season in the near future will have to deal with the COVID protocols that are facing many series. Though based on Nicole Kidman’s statement, it sounds like it is still a viable possibility.

You can stream the first two seasons of Big Little Lies on HBO Max. While you wait to see if a Season 3 actually happens, you can check out this fall’s premieres for further entertainment. Among the new offerings this season is Nicole Kidman’s thriller, The Undoing, in which she stars opposite Hugh Grant. New episodes of The Undoing air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and are also available to stream on HBO Max.

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