How The CW's Arrowverse Is Veering Into Wonder Woman Comics With New Show

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The Arrowverse has come a long way since Arrow stood alone as the sole superhero series, and now The CW's shared universe could get even bigger by veering into Wonder Woman comics. Yes, DC Comics fans may finally get the classic Trinity sharing a universe in live-action on the small screen... with an Arrowverse twist. A groundbreaking Wonder Girl TV show is in the works, poised to star a female hero who would go on to become Wonder Woman.

That said, fans shouldn't expect to see Diana Prince wielding her Lasso of Truth as Wonder Woman in the Arrowverse, but a different future Wonder Woman who is relatively new even to the comics. Deadline reports that The CW is developing a drama series called Wonder Girl to potentially join the Arrowverse, starring a Latina Dreamer named Yara Flor.

Yara is the daughter of an Amazonian Warrior and a Brazilian River God, and she'll discover that she is none other than Wonder Girl. Using her new powers, she must fight evil to save the world. The prospective series comes from Berlanti Productions and Dailyn Rodriguez, who has worked as co-showrruner and executive producer on USA's Queen of the South. She's on board Wonder Girl as the writer.

If the developing project becomes a series, it would mark the first Latina superhero title character of a DC TV show. That said, Yara Flor is hardly the most recognizable name to take on the mantle of a member of the DC Trinity, traditionally comprised of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. So, who is Yara on the pages of the comics?

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Back in October, DC Comics announced Yara Flor as somebody chosen to be the next Wonder Woman in the Amazon rainforest as part of the DC Future State event, and will join forces with the new Superman "years later" to save their cities. DC will showcase Yara as the new Wonder Woman in Future State Wonder Woman comics, with a Wonder Girl comic line published concurrently.

The developing CW series would tell the origin story of Yara Flor, which would presumably either be an adaptation of the new Wonder Girl comics or a CW take on the story. Whatever the case, prospective viewers would go into a Wonder Girl series with considerably less available comics background story than on the rest of the Arrowverse leads launching their series, with the exception of the Arrowverse's version of White Canary.

Joining the Arrowverse would mean another addition to the superhero lineup currently comprised of The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning (courtesy of the "Crisis" crossover), and Batwoman, although the Girl of Steel is on her way out with the final season of Supergirl and the Man of Steel is joining up with Superman & Lois.

A potential Black Lighting spinoff is in development. Meanwhile, Stargirl currently occupies its own Earth in what remains of the multiverse following "Crisis," and Arrow came to an end earlier this year. The Arrowverse has dropped nods to Wonder Woman in the past, with Legends of Tomorrow originally dropping by Themyscira and more overt references on Batwoman.

Supergirl showcased former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter (complete with Kara doing the Wonder Woman spin), but a Wonder Girl series would showcase a future Wonder Woman in a whole new way. The Arrowverse tends to launch spinoffs via backdoor pilots, or at least introduce spinoff stars in Arrowverse series, so it should be interesting to see if Yara makes an Arrowverse debut early.

For now, fans can just look forward to the current slate of Arrowverse series returning to The CW in the new year. For more of what to expect now and in the coming months, be sure to check out our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule and our 2021 winter and midseason premiere guide.

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