Will Supernatural’s Sam And Dean Find Peace After The Finale? Here’s What The Co-Showrunner Says

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Spoilers for Supernatural’s penultimate episode are discussed below.

Supernatural is heading into the final frontier. The show’s series finale airs this Thursday, November 19, and fans are preparing to see how it wraps up Sam and Dean’s 15-season-long story. Following the heartbreaking loss of one of its long-time characters, there is a sense that anything can happen. Is one of them Sam and Dean finding peace after the finale? Supernatural’s co-showrunner has weighed in on the matter.

If you are against Supernatural resurrecting any major characters, then peace may be a bit trickier for Sam and Dean to find. The show will sign off following the aftermath of Cas being tragically killed off during Episode 18 of Season 15. Now, all eyes are on the series finale entitled “Carry On.” Will Sam and Dean find the “peace” mentioned in Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son" that traditionally kicks of Supernatural's finales? Supernatural co-showrunner Andrew Dabb told TVLine:

I think having Sam or Dean Winchester ever fully at peace is a big ask[.] There’s always something out there. These are guys that are soldiers. And even if the bigger stuff has been taken care of, there’s smaller stuff that kind of keeps them going. So is it a case where I believe either of them could ever walk away from the job, sit back, put their feet in the sand and sip piña coladas? Yeah, they could, but not today. And then something’s gonna come along that’s gonna force them back into the job… They have a moral obligation that keeps them from being able to kind of give up the fight.

It sounds like Sam and Dean could be conditioned to indefinitely continue their fight against the baddies that have comprised Supernatural’s long run. Yes, even after the final curtain call that will hopefully see Sam and Dean surviving whatever the series finale has in store for the brothers. Now that Cas has died, and Jack is the new God, it is back to the beginning with the brothers Winchester.

They started it all, and now they are seemingly set to end it side-by-side. The question is if they will get to ride into the sunset in a happier way than how viewers first met them. As the series’ co-showrunner indicates, lasting peace for the Winchesters is probably a tall order. Misha Collins already teased that Supernatural will not have a “conventional happily-ever-after ending,” so brace yourselves.

Losing Cas certainly sets the brothers to walk away without everything turning up rosy. Jared Padalecki has already warned that it would be impossible for Supernatural to end in a way that pleases all fans. Many of them are probably prepared for the Winchesters not to end their journey on an enitrely peaceful note. As the series’ co-showrunner points out, there will always be a battle for them to have happiness, even if it is off-screen.

Based on what Supernatural’s Andrew Dabb is saying, fans could be left with the feeling that the Winchesters’ battles will go on indefinitely off-screen. Will all of this mean a peaceful trail for Sam and Dean as they head out after a decade and a half? The series finale has not changed too much from where it started despite the COVID complications, so if peace is in the cards, fans will soon find out.

Find out if Sam and Dean find peace when the series finale of Supernatural airs Thursday, November 19, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. After it airs, you can look forward to what is in store on 2021’s winter/spring schedule. You can watch the earlier life and times of Sam and Dean Winchester during earlier seasons of Supernatural on Netflix alongside plenty of new 2020 content.

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