Stephen Amell's New Show Heels Cast An NCIS Franchise Vet To Play His Father

It didn’t take long for Arrow alum Stephen Amell to land a new show after the conclusion of his long-running superhero series. Heels, which has been a passion project for Amell, has been moving right along in production, despite a few setbacks. The show has gathered a capable group of actors to fill out its cast and, now, fans of NCIS will be thrilled to know that Heels has picked up a franchise veteran to play the father of Amell’s character.

Starz’s Heels has reportedly cast David James Elliot, who is probably best known to JAG fans as Harmon 'Harm' Rabb, Jr., and the actor also reprised the role on a few episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles. Elliot has also appeared on shows like CSI: NY and Mad Men. And coincidentally, Deadline reported Elliot’s casting alongside the news of Mad Man alum Joel Murray joining Heels.

Heels revolves around the world of independent professional wrestling and centers on the Spades, a family of wrestling promoters who live in a close-knit Georgia community. The tale specifically focuses on the relationship between brothers and rivals Jack (Stephen Amell) and Ace (Alexander Ludwig) Spade, who are feuding over their late father’s legacy. The show also explores the roles that wrestlers play in the ring, specifically the fact that one wrestler usually plays the hero while the other is the villain or “heel.”

David James Elliot’s character, Tom Spade, is described by the trade as a former wrestler and owner of the Duffy Wrestling League (DWL). The description also mentions that he’s “a devoted entrepreneur who built a business that provided opportunities for countless aspiring wrestlers from all over the country.” Meanwhile, Joel Murray plays the character of Eddie Earl, a local proprietor and sponsor of the DWL, described as “one of the most successful and determined men in town.”

Given that Elliot’s character is deceased, it’s likely that he’ll appear through flashbacks or dream sequences. And given that both Elliot and Murray are around the same age, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that the two were contemporaries and worked closely, given that Murray’s Earl is a DWL proprietor.

Stephen Amell has been hyping up Heels for some time, and he seems more than excited to bring this story to the small screen. He’s also been training like crazy to maintain his physique while playing the role. But in between the workout sessions, he’s also taken the time to bond with on-screen brother Alexander Ludwig, proving that the two are actually pretty close off camera.

Heels is shaping up to be an interesting show and, though it may be a little weird to see Stephen Amell without an emerald costume or bow and arrow, watching him throw down in the ring should be fun.

Heels is currently in production and, as of this writing, Starz has not announced a release date for the show.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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