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Flip or Flop's Christina Anstead Gets Inspirational Back Tattoo After Second Divorce

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Fans of HGTV star Christina Anstead were quite surprised, late last September, when it was announced that the Flip or Flop host would be divorcing her new husband, Anthony "Ant" Anstead, after less than two years of marriage. Now that the former couple is a few months past the split, though, both are trying to move on, and Christina Anstead has now gotten an inspirational back tattoo following her second divorce.

There had been no real clues for viewers that the relationship wasn't working out, as we'd seen snippets of Christina and Ant's lives on her solo design series, Christina on the Coast, and they were generally nothing but loving, playful, and supportive of one another. Getting over a breakup is never easy, so each party has to do what they need to in order to heal and find a way to move on. To that end, it would seem, Christina Anstead is now sporting a new back tattoo to help guide her with some words of wisdom. Take a look at her recent Instagram post:

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If you need hope for the future because of any kind of trouble, you really can't go wrong with words from the poem "Still I Rise," which was published in 1978 by Maya Angelou. By tattooing the words on her back, Christina Anstead seems to be telling herself and everyone else that she has no plans to let this huge setback stop her from living the life she wants or accomplishing any goals she might set for the future.

As there always is whenever a celebrity couple breaks up, there was a lot of public speculation about what led to the rift between the Ansteads, who married in December 2018 and had son Hudson London, who will celebrate his second birthday this September, in 2019. Unfortunately, a lot of that speculation put the blame for the breakup at Christina Anstead's feet, and she spoke out not long after about people judging her and throwing around rumors about what supposedly went on in her marriage, saying that she was already working on “breaking the pattern" she felt led to the divorce.

Both Christina and Ant Anstead have been pretty open about how they've been dealing with the effects of the split. She admitted last October that she was simply trying to find ways to feel at "peace" with the difficult situation, which has included calming the anxiety she felt over all of the comments people were making about her, and "just deciding not to read / read into any of it."

Obviously, it will likely take a while before Christina Anstead and her soon-to-be ex-husband have completely come to terms with the dissolution of their short-lived marriage, but it does seem like she's doing everything she can to learn from the experience and move forward with purpose, and that's really the best that can be hoped for.

You can catch repeats of Christina on the Coast Seasons 1 through 3 on HGTV, so be sure to check local listings. For more to watch in the meantime, bookmark our guide to early 2021 TV premieres.

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