Here's What Disney+ Is Adding In February 2021

Flora and Ulysses

February 2021 is almost here and while the month may be short on days, it is long on content when it comes to Disney+. For many, it would probably be enough that a new episode of WandaVision will debut every Friday in February, but there's so much more planned for the streaming service. In addition to Marvel's first series with direct implications on the MCU, which is that much more important for fans because the movies are still delayed, the first part of February will also include Marvel's Behind the Mask, a documentary that will look at one element of the classic comic book characters that hasn't been that important in the MCU, secret identities.

If Marvel isn't really your thing, that's fine. We'll also see another part of the Inside Pixar documentary series. Families will get to enjoy the recent Disney Channel Original Movie, Upside Down Magic, and Disney My Music Story: Yoshiki, will bring the behind-the-scenes look at the Japanese musician to the U.S. for the first time. The special originally debuted only on Disney+ in Japan. Here's what's on tap for the first couple weeks, but keep reading, because it gets really good later.

Friday, February 5

Disney My Music Story: Yoshiki

Disney Upside-Down Magic

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (s7)

WandaVision - Episode 4

Friday, February 12

Life Below Zero: The Next Generation (s1)

Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones (s1)

Marvel’s Behind the Mask

WandaVision - Episode 5

Inside Pixar: Portraits - Second Batch

While there are a few solid items to check out in early February, the really good stuff will hit Disney+ in the back half of the month. February 19 alone is a huge day for the service, as it will see the Disney+ premiere of the criminally underrated The Book of Life, which is a Disney movie now because Fox, as well as a brand new Disney+ original movie Flora & Ulysses which looks cute as hell. Bigger than any of that, however, the 19th will also see the debut of all five seasons of the original The Muppet Show on Disney+. The last two seasons were never even released on DVD, so this is a big deal.

However, what might be even more fascinating for Disney+ as a whole than five seasons of The Muppet Show is what's coming on the last Friday of February, as it's the most eclectic collection of content we've probably seen on a single day. First, there's a couple of items that Disney Parks fans will love. We'll see both Disney Illuminations Firework Show from Disneyland Paris as well as Grand Opening Gala from Shanghai Disney Resort. Hopefully, this is will be the beginning of a lot of similar theme park content coming to Disney+. Since fireworks shows and other events like this aren't even possible in the parks right now, it's a great way to get your fix.

We'll also get access to Myth: A Frozen Tale, an animated short that was originally developed for virtual reality headset platforms, and Mickey Go Local, a collection of Mickey Mouse shorts that were first seen on the Disney Channel Asia YouTube channel. This is pretty great to see as both of these are projects that your average fan just would never see, but now will have easy access to view.

The Muppet Show

Friday, February 19

The Book of Life

Cheaper by the Dozen

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

The Muppet Show (s1)

The Muppet Show (s2)

The Muppet Show (s3)

The Muppet Show (s4)

The Muppet Show (s5)

Flora & Ulysses

WandaVision - Episode 6

Friday, February 26

Car Sos (s8)

Disney Channel Games 2008 (s1)

Disney Illuminations Firework Show Disneyland Paris

Disney Pair of Kings (s1)

Disney Pair of Kings (s2)

Disney Pair of Kings (s3)

Disney Roll it Back (s1)

Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long (s1)

Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long (s2)

Mickey Go Local (s1)

Okavango: River of Dreams

Secrets of Sulphur Springs (First 5 Episodes)

Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Gala

Myth: A Frozen Tale

WandaVision - Episode 7

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