Ginny And Georgia: 8 Questions We Have After The Season 1 Finale

Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry in Ginny & Georgia

Ginny and Georgia is Netflix’s latest series about a former teen mother and her two children. Ginny and Georgia is being compared to Gilmore Girls, but the show is a lot darker, and it has less warm and fuzzy mother and daughter moments. It’s a dramedy that showcases a mother and daughter trying to navigate their lives, even if it means some very messy and dangerous decisions.

If you’ve reached the Ginny and Georgia Season 1 finale, then you probably have a lot of questions about a potential Ginny and Georgia Season 2. Ginny and Georgia has yet to be renewed or canceled by Netflix, but it seems to be performing well enough for a Season 2, and all the cliffhangers definitely left room for another season. Let’s look at some of our biggest unanswered questions after the Ginny and Georgia Season 1 finale.

Spoilers ahead!

Antonia Gentry and Diesel La Torraca in Ginny & Georgia

What Happens With Ginny And Austin On The Road?

At the end of Ginny and Georgia Season 1, Ginny (Antonia Gentry) discovered that Georgia (Brianne Howey) killed Kenny (Darryl Scheelar). Being her typical irrational teen self, Ginny decides to act instead of thinking. She steals Marcus' (Felix Mallard) motorcycle, packs all her and Austin's (Diesel La Torraca) things and plans to just run so that Georgia can never catch them.

If Austin and Ginny manage to survive Ginny driving a damaged bike, I don’t expect them to be on the road too long. At max, I would say they make it two episodes before Georgia finds them. Georgia has proven herself to be not only resourceful but very smart, definitely smarter and more street-savvy than Ginny.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Ginny runs right to Zion (Nathan Mitchell), or her aunt Maddie (Kelly McCormack) and they just call Georgia immediately. I could even see Maddie blackmailing Georgia with Ginny and Austin as leverage. I don’t expect Austin and Ginny’s on the road adventures to last long.

Brianne Howey and Scott Porter in Ginny & Georgia

Does Georgia End Up Marrying Paul?

Paul (Scott Porter) made the bold move of proposing to Georgia and she said yes. He also revealed that he may be just as much of a schemer as Georgia. Paul may start to show more of that side and show Georgia that he may not be the best guy to marry.

I’m torn between wanting Paul to remain a good guy and to see him show a sketchy past. I don’t want him to be a creeper like Kenny, instead, I would prefer if he has some bodies buried like Georgia. Then I can see them being more devious equals and add for a more fun dynamic. I think I am going to go against expectations and actually say Georgia and Paul end up marrying before Season 2 ends. However, I would be surprised if Paul doesn’t end up dead too, but this time, Georgia didn’t do it, but everyone thinks she did it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ginny and Georgia Season 3 becomes the mystery of who murdered Paul.

Diesel La Torraca in Ginny & Georgia

Will We Meet Austin’s Dad?

We learned very little about Austin’s dad, but we know he’s in prison because Georgia set him up. Now, Ginny sent letters from Austin to him. Georgia seemed nervous about this, so I have a feeling he’ll make an appearance in Ginny and Georgia Season 2, and he will be nowhere near as likable and charming as Zion.

Ginny may have put her family in more danger with her meddling.

Raymond Ablack in Ginny & Georgia

What Happens Now That Joe Knows Georgia Is The Girl From His Past?

Adding a third member of Georgia’s love-square, Joe (Raymond Ablack) finally realized that Georgia is the girl that he met when they were teens. The one who inspired him to get a horse named Milkshake. Joe was ready to confess his feelings to Georgia, but then he found out she was engaged to Paul.

Like Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham), I believe Joe and Georgia are endgame. It’ll be a slow burn, but eventually, they’ll end up together. I don’t think it’ll happen in Season 2 but I think we’ll start to see some progression of their relationship in that season. However, I think she’ll be singularly focused on marrying Paul with a few Zion distractions in Ginny and Georgia Season 2, but Joe will be the sweet guy that will win her heart in the end.

Antonia Gentry, Felix Mallard, Sara Waisglass, Mason Temple, Katie Douglas, and Chelsea Clark in Ginny & Georgia

What Happens To Ginny And Her Friends Now That Everything Has Come Out About Marcus And Her?

Ginny’s friends finally found out everything with Marcus and Ginny sneaking around behind everyone’s back. It left Hunter (Mason Temple ) heartbroken, Maxine (Sara Waisglass) feeling betrayed, and Abby (Katie Douglas) hating Ginny. The whole friend group is in complete disarray.

I think the friends will find a way back to each other. Maxine will become more supportive of Marcus and Ginny, Hunter and Abby will eventually forgive Ginny. I don’t expect the friends' falling out to last too long. The high school drama of it all can only go so far. I also expect at some point Maxine and Marcus will likely be involved in helping Ginny try to hide from Georgia.

Antonia Gentry and Felix Mallard in Ginny & Georgia

What Happens Next For Marcus And Ginny?

Marcus told all of Ginny’s friends that their hookup didn't mean anything. He claims that he only said it because everyone was fighting. He later told her that he did love her. Ginny was on a mission to leave, so she kind of wasn’t in the mood to forgive him.

I think Ginny and Georgia Season 2 will make the Marcus and Ginny fans very happy... for a bit. I predict that Ginny and Marcus will be in a relationship for at least several episodes in Ginny and Georgia Season 2, but eventually, they’ll still have trust issues and break up. Not sure if Marcus is Ginny’s endgame, but if the series lasts more than one or two seasons, I expect them to be one of those TV couples who are on and off all series.

Katie Douglas in Ginny & Georgia

What Happens Next With The Teens At Wellsbury?

The Wellsbury teens have a lot of drama going on that wasn’t really resolved by the Ginny and Georgia Season 1 finale. We saw that Abby has a body image, and a possible eating disorder, issue but none of her friends discovered it yet. Plus, her parents’ divorce seems to be affecting her a lot. I think Season 2 will dive more into Abby’s issues and her hopefully getting help for them. Next, we have Maxine who just got her heart broken by Sophie (Humberly Gonzalez). I’m curious to see if Maxine finds love again in Season 2 and if she becomes supportive of Marcus and Ginny's romance.

I also think that there may be more to Norah's (Chelsea Clark) fear of guns that could be addressed in Season 2. Also, I hope they give Norah and Jordan (Colton Gobbo) more to work with. They both felt like background characters in the show. Brodie (Tyssen Smith) and Matt (Damian Romeo) also both felt like background characters but appeared in almost every episode, so it would be interesting if Ginny and Georgia gave them more depth and storylines.

I am team Hunter didn’t deserve to get treated the way he did in Season 1, so I’m hoping that he finds love in Season 2, with Padma (Rebecca Ablack) perhaps? I just don’t want him to get back together with Ginny. She clearly will never pick him over Marcus, so I hope the writers don’t waste that character’s time by also making Ginny and him another on-and-off couple all series. We don’t need a never-ending love triangle with those three.

Alex Mallari Jr. and Brianne Howey in Ginny & Georgia

Will Gabriel Expose Georgia As Kenny’s Killer?

Private Investigator Gabriel (Alex Mallari Jr.), alias Justin, revealed to Ginny his suspicions on her killing Kenny. Then Georgia basically confessed to him that she scattered Kenny’s ashes (and all his evidence) with her fireworks display. However, on the Ginny and Georgia Season 1 finale, Gabriel got a call from someone who mentioned Georgia’s first husband’s disappearance.

I think the evidence against Georgia will continue to pile up in Ginny and Georgia Season 2, and if Paul dies, as I suspect, the season may end with her arrest.

Ginny and Georgia Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix. Stream it here.

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