Legacies Finally Explained Landon's Situation, But Can He Escape His Fate?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Legacies episode "To Whom It May Concern." Read at your own risk!

Legacies went back to its drama with Landon in its return from a brief break, but thankfully, fans got more answers than questions this go-around. The CW series laid out exactly where the character stood, and even better, what he has to do to make his way back to Hope and friends. The only question is, though, does he have what it takes to escape his fate?

Landon roamed around in the darkness for a brief while in the Legacies opening but eventually found himself in an ice cream shop run by none other than The Necromancer. The Legacies character explained the store was his own personal hell, which had been constructed for him by Malivore after Landon's father consumed The Necromancer. The Necromancer was chained behind the counter and forced to make ice cream for human patrons throughout the average workday. He did get nights off, which The Necromancer explained was worse because the dread of knowing it would start again was unbearable.

Necromancer was surprised to see Landon and curious as to how he got there. Landon didn't go into specifics but did say enough that Legacies fans can now rest assured that he initially returned with Hope before he inexplicably turned to goop. That seemingly confirmed that Malivore didn't pose as Landon on the return to Earth, but more importantly, he didn't sleep with Hope either.

The Necromancer offered Landon a deal and hoped, in doing so, they could both be released from the Prison World simultaneously. Of course, The Necromancer was quick to say he didn't actually expect Landon to be of any use but assumed that sooner rather than later, Hope would figure out a way to save Landon that he could piggyback on. It was a brutal callout, but credit to the Legacies writers for keeping it real.

Unfortunately for Landon, Hope was too busy accidentally knocking out prospective students visiting the Salvatore school with magic bombs to even consider if Landon is still alive. This meant it was time for Landon to step up, and while it looked grim for the character when The Necromancer predictably double-crossed him, the human actually turned the tables and beat the living hell out of The Necromancer.

It was a short-lived victory, though, as Landon's escape from one section of the Prison World transported him to another. Still, not having The Necromancer around was a plus, and Landon gained newfound confidence that he could escape the Prison World on his own if he had to. He still left a note on the gates of the Salvatore School for good measure, though, so here's hoping that finds its way to someone back in the real world who can help him out. He is just a human, after all, and a little magic may go a long way of helping him out of yet another sticky situation.

Legacies airs on The CW Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. It'll be nice to see if Landon finally can do something without Hope coming to the rescue, though I'll be honest, the odds of that happening feel slimmer than MG and Lizzie finally getting together. Sound off in our poll, and let us know if you think Landon can get out of this mess without his girlfriend's magic.

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