Fox Cancelled Prodigal Son And Stars Including Tom Payne Have Messages For Fans

With all the bubble TV shows waiting to hear about renewals and cancellations, it's easy to take for granted this interim time where a show's fate is still unknown. Unfortunately for the manic drama Prodigal Son, Fox revealed its doomed fate this week, cancelling the Tom Payne and Martin Sheen series just two episodes away from Season 2 wrapping up, which felt like a harsh way to go about it. To be expected, the cast was bummed to hear the news, but still kept their heads high in sharing messages with fans on social media.

Tom Payne, who went through a pretty gnarly character death on The Walking Dead before making the shaven leap to Prodigal Son, took to Twitter to share his reaction to the cancellation news. And there didn't seem to be a lick of sadness in the post, with Payne choosing to celebrate his time in the role of Malcolm Bright, and to get fans pumped about the final episodes.

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By all means, Prodigal Son was probably as slick and stylish a series as one could put together with so much horror-tinged sociopathy and father-son drama involved, and Catherine Zeta-Jones' arrival in Season 2 only helped that factor. Alas, its story won't continue on Fox, though fans are definitely hoping for another network or streaming platform to swoop in and save Prodigal Son.

While father figure Michael Sheen doesn't appear to have made any public comments about the cancellation, star Bellamy Young, who plays Malcolm's mother Jessica, did hop onto social media to share the below message with Prodigal Son fans, and she also hyped up these final two episodes as being must-watch installments.

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Beyond portraying Lt. Gil Arroyo, star Lou Diamond Phillips earned the chance to get behind the camera to direct for Season 2, which was an experience he adored. Phillips also shared some positivity with his post-cancellation message, but not before making it quite clear how big of an emotional blow Fox's decision was.

Wow. Gutted. Didn’t see that one coming. Might be taking a few days away from the platform #Prodigies. Just know that you have been the most wonderful, entertaining, brilliant fan base I have ever encountered. Much Love. #GilArroyo #ProdigalSon

As Det. Dani Powell, Aurora Perrineau remained a highlight throughout both seasons of the show, and while the actress is definitely sorry to see her character go, she's just as grateful to the fans and the Prodigal Son team for keeping her around as long as she was.

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And while she wasn't part of the cast, executive producer Sarah Schechter has been a big Prodigal Son promoter from the start, and she was also extremely broken-hearted by the news, as indicated in her post below.

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Prodigal Son joins a list of many different shows that are ending in 2021 for one reason or another, though fans will likely keep the call alive for the killer drama to get renewed for Season 3 somewhere other than Fox. Let us know in the poll below if you'd like another season or not!

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