Batwoman Star Drops First Look At Luke Fox's Batwing With Powerful Message

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From the moment it was announced that Camrus Johnson had been cast to play Luke Fox in The CW’s Batwoman, the countdown began for when we’d see his version of Luke suit up as Batwing in the Arrowverse, just like in the comics. Well, that day has finally been confirmed. With Batwoman Season 2 set to conclude in the coming weeks, we finally have our first look at Johnson wearing the Batwing costume, along with the actor talking about why his character finally becoming a superhero means so much to him.

Accompanying The CW’s official reveal of the Batwing suit was a quote from Camrus Johnson saying how the “main reason” he wanted to be in Batwoman was because it provided the opportunity “to give kids like me another black hero to look up to and relate to.” But Johnson had more to say on his Twitter page, starting with the below caption accompanying our look at the unmasked Luke in his Batwing gear.

That’s right, in addition to Camrus Johnson getting to play Batwing on television, he also wrote a Luke Fox-centric story that’s in Batman: Urban Legends #4, which is available to read now. So the fact that his story came out the same day that the first official look at Batwoman’s Batwing dropped is a red letter date for Johnson. As noted in the tweet, Johnson is the first actor to play Batwing in live-action, although Gaius Charles voiced the character in the 2016 animated movie Batman: Bad Blood.

For those of you wanting to see Luke Fox wearing the Batwing helmet, you’re in luck. Below is the character fully costumed, along with more of Camrus Johnson’s thoughts on Luke Fox joining the superhero line of work.

Luke Fox is the second character to serve as Batwing in DC Comics. The mantle originally belonged to David Zavimbe, who was part of Batman Incorporated and hailed from the city of Tinasha in the Democratic Republic of Congo. David led the New 52’s Batwing book for its first 19 issues, and upon resigning from the role, Luke Fox, son of longtime Batman ally Lucius Fox, was chosen by Batman himself to take over as Batwing after Lucius built a new suit.

While it remains to be seen what circumstances will lead to Camrus Johnson’s Luke Fox becoming Batwing before Batwoman Season 2 is over, the character has been through a lot recently. The end of “And Justice For All” saw Luke being shot by Crows agent Tavaroff while he was trying to prevent a car-jacking, and in the following episode, “Armed and Dangerous,” Luke hallucinated seeing Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox. While Luke was willing to die so that he could reunite with his deceased father, he awoke from his coma after being healed with a dose of the Desert Rose. No doubt these traumatic experiences will factor into his decision to join Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder in fighting crime out in the field.

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