Bella Thorne Dropped Her New Video On OnlyFans Because Her ‘Body Is Too Much For Insta'

Bella Thorne has been extremely busy during 2020. The enterprising young actress and singer has starred in several popular movies, filmed multiple music videos and also managed to make a killing on OnlyFans in 2020. Not bad for a year’s work at all, particularly in the year 2020 when a lot of actors' works were on pause at least for a little while. Now, in her latest move, she dropped a brand new music video on her OnlyFans account, because her “body is too much for Insta.”

Just a few short weeks after Bella Thorne dropped her music video for the song “Lonely” also on OnlyFans first, she did something very similar for her latest track “SFB.” The NSFW title of that track just so happens to be “Stupid Fucking Bitch,” and while it later got a mainstream release, it was an exclusive for her avid fanbase first.

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Of course, just like her “Lonely” video, Bella Thorne did eventually drop “SFB” on her other social media platforms, just sometime after her OnlyFans got the first taste. The music video features Bella Thorne and some pals hanging around a campfire as she works through her feelings about the “bitch” she just can’t get over. The chill night later turns into a more lit pool party, as you can see below.

The song ultimately hit 3 million views in only 3 days, according to Bella Thorne herself. On YouTube, it’s already racked up nearly 1.5 million views and that’s not counting the people who caught the content exclusively on OnlyFans. Bella Thorne also thanked all her followers for their support in a new post after "SFB" already hit a fairly significant milestone for the singer.

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OnlyFans has become a place for fans of various celebrities to be privy to information of a more private nature as well as early and exclusive content from even popular celebrities. Bella Thorne is one of the biggest names on the platform, but she also joins the likes of Cardi B, Tyga and Black Chyna as some of the highest earners on the platform. For comparison, Tyga has allegedly netted nearly 8 million after baring all there. Vice’s Munchies brand even recently joined OnlyFans, so the platform is becoming popular for a lot of different types of content.

OnlyFans will likely be a place for more exclusive content for Bella Thorne moving forward, though she’s also done well on Netflix this year with the release of The Babysitter: Killer Queen. She also put out a Redbox Entertainment comedy with Malin Akerman called Chick Fight. We’ll keep you posted on her upcoming movie projects, but if you’re more a fan of her exclusive content, she’s still got some holiday deals going on.

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