William H. Macy Celebrates Emmy Nomination Like Most Men His Age, On TikTok

William H. Macy's frank gallagher in church on shameless

For a while now, TikTok has been the breeding ground for dance crazes, celebrity rumors and lifestyle advice, and isn't exactly known as the premiere place for older generations to strut their stuff. But as it goes for every generation, today’s dads are doing the most to connect with their children and grandchildren, regardless of things like shame and more shame. Accordingly, Shameless star William H. Macy isn’t immune to this mindset, and to celebrate his latest Emmy nomination for Frank Gallagher's last hurrah, the actor wanted to celebrate the achievement in his way. So naturally (or not), he did it with TikTok and Megan Thee Stallion.

William H. Macy surprised his TikTok followers with his post celebrating his Emmy nomination, which is his sixth for Shameless, and his 15th overall. The actor pulled out some questionable moves to rap superstar Megan Thee Stallion’s latest hit “Thot Shit.” Let's just say no knees were injured in the viral video, at least not in an obvious way. So, with that peace of mind, watch the prior Emmy winner bring his dance skills out on TikTok below:


To see an everyman like William H. Macy pull out his best moves was hilarious, and one can only assume his Fargo character would only be confused. Macy's moves were a combination of 1980s exercise videos with a hint of the Macarena. His arms must have been tired after all that dancing. At least, he didn't try any Megan Thee Stallion's knee-centric choreography. This might've been a different story. (Or maybe he did, and those videos didn't make it to the public eye.)

It was almost as if the actor was conjuring the spirit of Frank Gallagher by choosing “Thot Shit.” I mean, anyone who sleeps with their son's wife is definitely about that thot life. But at least, William H. Macy proved don't have to be in the 18-34 demographic to be down.

The Shameless star’s Emmy celebration carried over from TikTok to Twitter. This time, Macy deiced to tap more into his "dad" side rather than his "thot" side by leaving a heartfelt message. Thankfully, fingers (not arms) were the main appendage used for this moment. Here's what William H. Macy wrote to his Shameless family and fans:

I just got an Emmy nomination! It brought home what an amazing experience we all had. I’d almost gotten over the hole in my heart where the cast and crew had lived for 11 years, and now I miss them all anew. Forever Shameless!

Like any good TV dad, the actor wanted everyone to know just how important his television family was to him. As William H. Macy mentioned, his Emmy nomination was a bittersweet moment during the long process of getting over leaving the Gallaghers behind following the Showtime series' final season. His nomination, along with the multiple others for Shameless, marked the end of an era for a landmark series.

Despite his bittersweet Emmy nom, William H. Macy’s career is still flourishing along with other cast members', even with no new projects announced just yet. If you want to relive Frank Gallagher in all his dysfunctional glory, check out the first 10 seasons of Shameless on Netflix, and stay tuned for the 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 19, on CBS.

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