Free Britney: One Change To The Conservatorship Britney Spears Is Reportedly Super Pumped About

It seems like every day a new development comes up in Britney Spears’ battle to end her conservatorship, and some recent movement pointed to Spears getting closer to regaining some independence. A source close to the pop superstar alleged she is super pumped about this latest change to her conservatorship.

Days after the courts allowed Mathew Rosengart to represent Spears, the Los Angeles courts granted the singer permission to drive under her conservatorship. According to People, the pop superstar reportedly is excited over regaining this privilege. A source close to Britney Spears claimed she is “very happy” to be able to drive again after the courts ruled against her being behind the wheel previously. The source told People:

Britney is very happy the conservatorship is now allowing her to drive. She is ecstatic and beyond grateful for all the help she is receiving right now.

News of this new freedom surfaced after the media spotted Britney Spears driving around with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, in L.A. on July 17. The close source said the pop icon is, reportedly, grateful for the current developments in the battle to end her conservatorship, and said about Spears’ alleged outlook:

She likes the court developments so far. She is very hopeful that her new lawyer will be able to end the conservatorship.

This latest change serves as a bright spot in Spears’ conservatorship battle. Before it was implemented in 2008, it wasn’t uncommon to see Britney Spears driving around L.A. Oftentimes, the media and paparazzi would follow her through the area daily. After several documented incidents, though, and once the conservatorship took effect, she was stripped of her right to drive. But, getting behind the wheel again isn’t the only thing Spears is reportedly excited over.

According to the insider, co-conservator Jodi Montgomery and lawyer Mathew Rosengart are reportedly winning over Spears by putting her interests first. Montgomery and Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, are embroiled in a legal battle over expenses. The older Spears and his daughter's co-conservator have been going back and forth over her treatment under the conservatorship. Allegedly, the younger Spears is more on Montgomery’s side than her father’s. The source added:

Britney is happy that Jodi is pushing back against Jamie's claims. Jodi has made it clear that she will do everything in her power to help Britney get out of the conservatorship.

Regarding her newly appointed lawyer, the insider revealed how Britney Spears supposedly feels about Rosengart representing her, and added about his now working on her case:

She's really happy and excited that she has new representation. She feels like she's finally heading towards ending this.

Given a recent post from the embattled star, it’s no surprise Britney Spears is siding with Jodi Montgomery and Mathew Rosengart more than her family. The icon even went horse-riding and did cartwheels after her choice, Rosengart, became her official lawyer. But, the praise is mutual, as Rosengart thanked Spears for her courage in the court battle. As things develop, hopefully, both sides will come to a mutual agreement that benefits Spears and her future.

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