Lawyer Thanks Britney Spears For Her 'Courage' In New Statement About Removing Jamie Spears From Conservatorship

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Britney Spears’ quest to remove her father, Jamie Spears, from her conservatorship has been a long-drawn-out process, but it seems that things are moving in the right direction for the singer. Her new attorney has been advocating for the younger Spears’ wishes, so both seem to be on the same page. And after the latest decision, Spears' lawyer thanked her for her courage in a new statement regarding the conservatorship battle.

The statements from Mathew Rosengart (Britney Spears' lawyer) came courtesy of an NBC News' Alicia Victoria Lozano (via Twitter). News outlets were outside of a Los Angeles courtroom awaiting a decision on whether the conservatorship will cover security costs for Jodi Montgomery (conservator of Spears' personal matters). It was ultimately revealed that no decision had been made, though Rosengart take some time to speak with the press outside of the courthouse. He praised his client, saying:

The only thing I’m going to add to what I said last week in court and outside is first, I want to thank Britney Spears for her courage and her strength.

Mathew Rosengart's comments are likely aimed at Britney Spears' powerful statement, which the pop star gave in court nearly a month ago. With this, the lawyer speaks to Spears' drive to regain control of her life. It definitely appears that the entertainer's legal team now contains a drive that also permeates her passionate fanbase.

Speaking of which, Mathew Rosengart took the time to shout out Spears’ avid fanbase for encouraging him and the popstar in her legal battle. Rosengart said about receiving love and support from the #FreeBritney movement:

And I want to thank Britney Spears’ fans and supporters, the outreach and support for the firm, myself, and most importantly, Britney has truly been overwhelming from coast to coast and literally throughout the world.

Mathew Rosengart seemed to paint a more positive picture of the relationship between his firm and the fans compared to that of Jamie Spears. Since the #FreeBritney movement began pushing for Spears’ removal, the two sides have gone back and forth. The fans feel the older Spears has controlled his daughter’s life from every angle. But his lawyer countered that the Britney Army’s view of her father is inaccurate. But the younger Spears’ aforementioned testament appeared to counter that narrative.

And Britney Spears’ lawyer wasn’t done speaking on the ongoing case. While Mathew Rosengart was encouraged by the pop superstar and her fans, he also took the time to thank the presiding judge Brenda Penny for her cooperation. At the same time, Rosengart shared thoughts on Jamie Spears’ fight to remain as a conservator. To see the lawyer’s full statement, check out the following clip:

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Based on the video, Rosengart appears to want fans and the public at large to know that he and his firm are working in Britney Spears’ best interest. And based on Spears’ response to his appointment after her court-appointed lawyer resigned, she really appears to have plenty of faith in him and his firm. And the fans seem to have the same amount of confidence in Rosengart's abilities.

With this renewed sense of hope on Britney Spears' part, it'll be interesting to see how the legal proceedings will unfold this time around. Be sure to keep checking in with us here at CinemaBlend for more updates on the ongoing legal situation.

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