What Jennifer Aniston Learned From The Friends: The Reunion Special On HBO Max

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(Image credit: HBO Max)
(Image credit: HBO Max)

Many fans of Friends were more than delighted when it was announced that there would be a reunion special. And while it did have to be pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was finally filmed and dropped on HBO Max on the streamer's one-year anniversary in May. The cast is still spilling the tea about the special and Jennifer Aniston admits one thing she took away from it.

In her cover interview for InStyle’s September issue, Jennifer Aniston discussed quarantine, her Apple TV+ series The Morning Show and of course Friends: The Reunion. Aniston opened up about the special and what she learned, even though it had been over 15 years since the show’s end:

That this is eternal. It’s not just out there in the ether or on a television set you’ve passed by, but in our actual bodies — our DNA, our bloodstream, our cells. It was a unicorn of an experience. For whatever reason, we were all at the right place at the right time, and we created something that landed its little flag on a lot of people’s hearts around the world.

Friends: The Reunion involved the six original stars reuniting on the Warner Bros. backlot, on the couch with the iconic fountain in the background and a small group of superfans in the audience. Hosted by James Corden, the cast looked back on some of their most memorable moments on the show and it was like no time had passed. There were surprise moments from other cast members and superstar fans, and the main cast also chatted on a recreated set, playing games and rereading some iconic scenes.

The special was obviously “special” for the cast, as it was the first time they were all together in years. Lisa Kudrow revealed a moment that David Schwimmer pointed out while they were watching the special together that involved a teary-eyed Courteney Cox, though the actual reunion moment between the cast was almost ruined. Jennifer Aniston also shared a sweet message on social media following the drop on HBO Max. It’s clear that the cast still very much holds Friends close to their hearts.

Even though Friends ended nearly 20 years ago, it still is a popular binge today. Many fans were upset when Netflix lost the series as it went to HBO Max, but plenty have binge-watched on its new streaming home. It’s just as beloved as ever and whether or not the cast will do another reunion years from now is still up in the air, but hopefully it won’t take a special for the cast to reunite once again.

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