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Why Did It Take So Long For A New Murder, She Baked To Get Made? Hannah Swensen Actress Alison Sweeney Explains

Murder She Baked previous poster 2017

Alison Sweeney is a Hallmark regular at this point, appearing in a slew of films of both the holiday variety and of the murder mystery variety. In recent years, she’s picked up a role as Alex McPherson in Hallmark Movies & MysteriesChronicle Mysteries series of movies opposite Benjamin Ayres and her other other role as Hannah Swensen in Murder, She Baked opposite Cameron Mathison was seemingly put on the backburner. Now, Sweeney is speaking out about why a sixth movie is finally being made now.

Hallmark’s latest movie in the fan-favorite franchise is Murder, She Baked: Sweet Revenge, the sixth Hannah Swensen Hallmark project. In a new interview, Alison Sweeney said she and the creative team behind the project were “thrilled” another baking adventure came together, but she also told TV Insider why it took such a long time to catch up where Mike and Hannah have been. In the new movie, they're engagement and ready to solve another mystery.

Well, to be honest, there were a lot of behind-the-scenes complications that made it take a long time to bring it all together, and it just was so exciting once we got through all the red tape to be able to make it happen.

Here’s the thing, the previous Hannah Swensen installment Just Desserts actually aired way back in 2017. A couple years later, Hallmark shifted Sweeney into the aforementioned Chronicle Mysteries and it kind of seemed like the network might simply be moving on from the characters. Instead, it seems as if the network was happy to do more, but there were some logistics that took a while to work out.

Now, as Cameron Mathison just wrapped up his long tenure on the network’s now-cancelled Home & Family, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was looking for other things to fill his plate, particularly given he recently joined the cast of General Hospital, marking a return to daytime TV as well.

Alison Sweeney also admitted the fanbase had been clamoring for more for a while, as she recalled past conversations with her Murder, She Baked co-star, noting that the premiere of Sweet Revenge marks the culmination of a lot of “fun” work coming together at the right time.

I love working with Cameron. Of course, I’ve seen him so many times since then on Home & Family and he and I would always talk about how every time we saw each other, how often the fans would respond to any comment we made asking for more Hannah Swensens. So it was just fun to finally get to bring it all together for the fans and make it happen. He’s such a nice guy, such a good actor. He’s perfect for Mike. And he just really made the whole thing really fun.

The latest mystery will see Mike and Hannah engaged. Of course, Hallmark series plotlines are rarely that simple. In the case of Murder, She Baked: Sweet Revenge a body will be found at a gym that is open all day, every day. Of course, Hannah's baked goodies will also be a plots as well. The new mystery will air Sunday at 9 p.m. ET, only on Hallmark. To see what else is coming this summer, take a look at CinemaBlend’s full TV schedule.

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