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Miranda Lambert Used Her Husband As A Thirst Trap In New Music Video, And Fans Are Loving It

Country music superstar Miranda Lambert is no stranger to some having some wild rumors spread about her online (like that time she supposedly dumped a salad in a woman's lap), but many of the reports about her personal life have involved her romances. The singer has spent a little over two years married to New York City police officer Brendan McLoughlin, and Lambert is so proud of her hubby that she's decided to enlist his help as a thirst trap for a new music video, and fans are loving it!

Miranda Lambert's fans were quite shocked when the singer / songwriter announced her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin just after Valentine's Day in 2019. Lambert went public with the marriage before really speaking about their romance (which came a few years after her divorce from The Voice coach Blake Shelton), but has been very open about showing the many adventures that the newlyweds have had since tying the knot in their surprise ceremony. McLoughlin has now taken to his Instagam to reveal that at least some of their relationship involves him helping Lambert out when she needs to attract some thirst watches to her music videos. Take a look!

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Alright, now! It looks as though the gene pool is rather strong in the McLoughlin clan, doesn't it? Apparently, Miranda Lambert needed to fill out the cast for the music video of her new song, "Tequila Does," and asked her bronzed husband (on the right, in the first photo) for an assist. He and his siblings (I can't believe how much they look alike!) all agreed to take part, and, well, I think we can all see why none of them were bothered by the idea of stripping down to their brightly-colored swimwear to take part. Why simply thirst trap when you can triple thirst trap. I like the way Ms. Lambert thinks...

I'm sure it's great for fans to see Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin enjoying life together, and don't think that anyone is upset at his appearance in her video. His followers came out in droves to support the move (as well as, physical attributes of McLoughlin and his brothers), and left some priceless comments on the post:

Oh my now thats a good lookin crew!LAWWWWWDDDDDDI need you guys to appear in my video tooAnd on the 8th day, God created the McLoughlin brothers.Wow! Those pictures are just way to hard to look at. I guess I will have to look againSoakin panties since the 80s and 90sOh my!! Can you say eye candy?! Miranda definitely upgraded from the barbed wire!!! Love the new video!!!

The comments were accompanied by a number of heart, fire, and a variety of shocked, delighted, an even crying face emojis, so I think it's safe to say that Lambert knocked it out of the park with this decision. In case you're wondering, her song, "Tequila Does," focuses on Lambert gleefully spending her free time with the adult beverage, as she declares "nobody loves me like tequila does." You can take a gander at the full video and see McLoughlin and his bros in action, below:

It appears that fun was had by all during the course of that music video shoot, and good for them. With the enthusiastic responses to Brendan McLoughlin's hard-working time in Miranda Lambert's video, maybe we'll actually see him pop up in another clip of hers sooner rather than later.

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