Miranda Lambert Isn't Here For Your Gwen Stefani Questions

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Miranda Lambert wants to make something perfectly clear: she's sick and tired of talking about Gwen Stefani. The singer-songwriter has been forced to answer questions about her fellow musician ever since Stefani entered a relationship with her ex-husband, Blake Shelton. Things escalated earlier this year when Shelton stirred the pot on Twitter, talking about "karma" and seemingly throwing bad vibes towards his former lover (if not directly). But as the singer attempts to create a new life herself, all she gets asked is about the rumored feud with Gwen Stefani. Here's what Miranda Lambert said.

I got on the phone for the first interview. First question was, 'How do you feel about Gwen?' I hung up. I told Marion, 'I just can't do this.' What was in the music was real, and I wanted people to get it from that. Take from it what they would.

Miranda Lambert's blunt comments about Gwen Stefani came during her recent interview with the publication HITS Daily Double. The extensive two-part interview covered a variety of different topics, but Stefani was ultimately one of them -- as she usually is these days, it seems. Lambert and Blake Shelton haven't been together since they divorced in 2015, which was around the same time Stefani got together with her fellow coach on The Voice. As you can tell, things between them are likely not that great, but Lambert is trying her best to move on with her own life and career -- even though her love life is constantly a media fixture. Whether or not Gwen Stefani keeps coming up in conversation, Miranda Lambert will keep strumming along.

Blake Shelton has responded to the controversy surrounding his tweet by saying it was "cryptic" for a reason. He didn't say whether or not it was supposed to be directed towards Miranda Lambert, but he did say that "it's been very, very entertaining to watch the world run with it and assume what they think it's about." So, clearly, Blake Shelton is having a great deal of fun with the whole thing, no matter who the comments were directed at.

The timing was a kicker since Lambert was recently entering a relationship with Evan Felkner, a singer who recently filed for divorce with his wife, Staci Nelson, in February, shortly before Felkner started dating Lambert. Some people believe Lambert broke up their marriage. Whether or not that's true, Lambert is getting tired of talking about Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and everything any other relationship drama.

Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are staying strong together. They're getting into long-term relationship territory, although marriage is apparently something they're not exploring at the moment. They've both been married and they're not looking to get rings on their fingers again yet. Nevertheless, we'll continue to keep you posted on the latest developments with Miranda Lambert, as well as Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, here.

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