Colin Jost And Michael Che Are Having The Best Time After Scarlett Johansson Baby Announcement

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Saturday Night Live co-head writer and "Weekend Update" co-host recently celebrated the surprise birth of his first son with wife and Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson. Of course, the happy event wouldn't have been complete if the SNL star didn't include some humor, and his fellow head writer and "Weekend Update" co-host Michael Che didn't waste any time in having fun with it. In fact, the friends and coworkers seem to be having the best time thanks to baby Cosmo's birth.

Colin Jost announced the birth of his and Scarlett Johansson's son via an Instagram post that ended with "For all inquiries please contact our publicist @chethinks," directing fans to none other than Michael Che's account. While they've certainly been known to prank each other, Che embraced his new "position as publicist."

Yes, Michael Che changed his Instagram bio to simply read "cosmo's publicist," which is especially noticeable since at the time of writing, Che has a grand total of one post on his account. He even shared some artwork in response to somebody who hit up his DMs to request photos of baby Cosmo:

Who knew that Michael Che had the potential to moonlight as a portrait artist as well as comedy? And who knew that the son of Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson had a very full head of blue hair so soon after birth? In all seriousness, Che clearly didn't take offense at Jost's post that he's the publicist, when he probably got a lot more messages than just the one that he shared on his Instagram Stories, and possibly less civil.

In a fun twist, Michael Che even included mentions of both baby Cosmo and Colin Jost in his one and only current Instagram post. One slide is simply Che spreading the word about his comedy shows, but the next reads "cancel jost," and the last says "free cosmo." The "free cosmo" resulted in not only his comment section being flooded, but inadvertently starting a new hashtag. Maybe Jost should have been more specific about the duties he was looking for out of Che as Cosmo's publicist!

Even though Colin Jost is undoubtedly busy as a dad to a newborn baby, it's nice to see that he still has time to direct some comedy at Michael Che, who could be relied upon to run with it. Che's efforts to get Jost "cancelled" are nothing new, but "free cosmo" suggests that there's at least one member of the Jost family that Che will support no matter what.

Although Michael Che landed an HBO Max show of his own that premiered back in May and has since been renewed for Season 2, fans have every reason to hope that he and Colin Jost will be back behind the "Weekend Update" desk when SNL returns for Season 47 in the fall. A number of big names on the sketch comedy series have been rumored to be leaving, but creator Lorne Michaels has a plan to keep the main cast around until a big Saturday Night Live milestone.

No premiere date has been announced just yet for Season 47 of Saturday Night Live, but plenty of other shows are already on the schedule for the coming weeks and months.

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