Kelly Clarkson Supports Blake Shelton In Concert Just A Few Days After Taking A Jab At Her The Voice Co-Star In Vegas

Kelly Clarkson on The Voice

Kelly Clarkson has been making headlines lately, mostly due to her divorce from ex Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson recently saw some good news in the midst of the legal proceedings, though, and the singer celebrated in Vegas. Following the trip, Clarkson saw her The Voice co-star, Blake Shelton, in concert and threw some support his way, despite having previously hit him with a friendly jab while she was in Sin City.

While in Las Vegas, Kelly Clarkson saw George Strait, who she deemed the “True King of Country Music,” and she even jokingly tagged Blake Shelton. However, she found a nice way to make it up to her colleague, as she recently shared some kind words for Shelton after seeing him perform. Don't believe me, check out the proof in her Instagram post:

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The coaches on The Voice are known to but each other's chops here and there, but it’s generally all done in good fun. And most would Kelly Clarkson definitely needs some good fun after what she’s been going through lately. It looks like she’s been to multiple concerts recently, at least according to her Instagram so, despite the drama she's experienced, she appears to be as upbeat as ever.

The Voice coach first filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock in June of 2020 and won primary custody of her two children a few months later. She was hit with a huge alimony bill last month. But the court ruled that Blackstock will be responsible for their Montana ranch and have to pay monthly expenses of $81,000. Apparently, Clarkson was on the set of The Voice when she found out about the victory and reportedly celebrated with her fellow coaches. That's certainly an interesting way to learn such massive news.

Though Kelly Clarkson hasn't gone into much detail about the situation, she has opened up about the hardest part of the ordeal. Otherwise, Clarkson is pretty focused on the new season of the NBC singing competition show, as well as her talk show. Given that The Voice hasn't been on the air since this past spring, it's likely that Clarkson is ready to get back to work.

Kelly Clarkson’s relationship with the other coaches on The Voice really does seem to be special and, as a fan, it's fun to see the loving comments and playful jabs spill onto social media. It just goes to show how people can form bonds as they work together. Now, we can only hope that Kelly Clarkson will start performing again so that Blake Shelton can react to her concert. Fingers crossed because their playful banter provides a major burst of serotonin for me!

The Voice returns to NBC on Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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