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As Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Final Season Gets Underway, Melissa Fumero Already Finished Filming Her First Follow-Up Project

Brooklyn Nine-Nine just began airing its eighth and final season on NBC, something the fans have been preparing for since it was announced earlier this year that the cop comedy would officially be coming to an end. Of course, as shows end, viewers naturally begin to wonder what the cast will do next. And when it comes to Melissa Fumero, she’s not only found her first B99 follow-up, but she's already wrapped production on it as well.

Melissa Fumero, along with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom, Julian Gant of Call Me Kat and Shrill alum Luka Joneswill, will co-lead the upcoming comedy Bar Fight. The movie follows two former lovers named Nina and Allen, who decide to split everything down the middle following their breakup. However, this doesn't include their local bar and, as a result, the two engage in a custody battle of sorts to determine who gets to hold onto it. According to Deadline, the comedy, which comes from writer/director Jim Mahoney, recently completed principal photography in Los Angeles.

While Bar Fight is Melissa Fumero’s first Brooklyn Nine-Nine follow-up project, she has appeared in other projects while the series finishes out its run. This year, she's appeared on the second season of Disney+’s Diary of a Future President as drama teacher Ms. Ortega, and the actress also voiced Melissa Tarleton on Marvel's M.O.D.O.K.

When Brooklyn Nine-Nine's final season was announced, it was also confirmed that the show would premiere later in the year and would not occupy the early, midseason slots its held since its move to NBC. While the delay was more than likely disappointing for fans, it probably allowed the writing staff the opportunity to put even more time and effort into ensuring that this last batch of episodes would live up to fans' expectations.

The final season debuted earlier this month, and NBC is airing two new episodes each week up until the finale on September 16. While it’s an emotional time for the cast and the fans, the show is not straying away from the comedy. However, following last year’s protests, the writers chose to throw out the first scripts for Season 8, as the creatives are also aiming to tackle more relevant issues this year. Even as a comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has previously managed to cover personal topics, such as infertility and police and brutality. The show even briefly mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic, something that was incredibly poignant given the show's New York setting and the pandemic's impact on the state.

Wrapping Brooklyn Nine-Nine after all these years could not have been easy, but it looks like Melissa Fumero is prepared for the next phase of her carer. There's currently no word as to when Bar Fight will be released or whether the movie will be released to theaters, VOD or streaming. But while we wait for updates on that, there are still a few weeks left of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so fans will still be able to watch Melissa Fumero as new mom Amy Santiago for at least a little bit longer.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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