Jason Momoa Hilariously Reveals The Former Project His Family Does Not Speak Of At Home

There are certain roles some actors would rather forget, while also preventing their children from watching, and it usually boils down to feelings of embarrassment. Even someone as celebrated and generally badass as Jason Momoa wrestles with that kind of past career choice. What makes it even harder is that Momoa’s children are huge fans of his work, understandably, so he must navigate what they can and can’t see. Despite his success in recent years with Game of Thrones, Aquaman and the current streaming drama See, there’s one project from his earliest acting days that his family doesn’t speak about at home.

While many fans know the actor for his blockbuster spectacles and dramatic television work, Jason Momoa's TV career kicked off with a shirtless role (naturally) that some may have forgotten about. In 1999, Momoa finally got his big Hollywood break when he joined the cast of the popular hit Baywatch, only this was when the show shed most of its cast and changed its name to Baywatch: Hawaii. Momoa landed his first starring role as the headstrong lifeguard Jason Ioane, and he ended up starring in the series for two seasons before it was officially canceled. Since then, the See star has moved on from the role with some mention here and there, but apparently those mentions are forbidden from taking place at home.

Looking back at the role, it’s perhaps understandable why Jason Momoa doesn’t mention his time on Baywatch: Hawaii very often. But when Momoa was confronted by the Baywatch Hawaii elephant in the room during an interview with Australia’s Fitzy and Wappa, the actor's inner dad came out, and without even mentioning the show's name, he made it clear that the show is not one that is welcome on the domestic front.

We don’t say the B-word at home. We hide all of that, mate. We don’t talk about those words. The B word’s not going to happen. They’re not going to watch Game of Thrones either, even though it’s fantastic. There’s just stuff that you just --you know they can’t watch Conan. So, you know, for now superheroes are good.

Jason Momoa’s words painted the picture of an actor both embarrassed and protective when it comes to the show’s subject matter, which would otherwise seem right up his alley. The campiness and adult themes associated with Baywatch and Baywatch: Hawaii caused many parents to shield their children's eyes. Momoa seemed to view his early role as something of a blemish on his successful career. That said, he also seemed to think his work on Game of Thrones and Conan is just as inappropriate for his children to see, but had no issue voicing the names of those projects aloud.

Let's take a look back at the opening credits for Baywatch: Hawaii, which somehow clocks in at nearly two minutes.

Kudos to Jason Momoa for knowing what is appropriate and inappropriate for his children to watch, whether it's about censorship or just good taste. Once they’re older and can digest more mature subjects and themes, the actor will let them watch whatever they want. Of course, Baywatch: Hawaii won’t be on that list, but surely anything else. Like Momoa mentioned, his kids will just have to stick to his DC superhero adventures until then, though they'll be waiting until Dec. 16, 2022 for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to arrive in theaters. For everyone else, See Season 2 will debut on Apple TV+ on Friday, August 27, as part of the 2021 Fall TV season.

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