Chip Gaines Is Totally Bald Now (I Mean Totally), But Cutting His Hair Earned A Lot Of Money For Charity

Chip Gaines finally did the dang thing. The star has been growing out his hair for months -- to myriad thoughts from his fanbase -- but he finally chopped it all off for charity. Now he’s bald and beautiful, plus he’s sharing how much shearing his locks was worth to fans who wanted to pitch in to St. Jude’s. Turns out, a lot of people wanted to donate to charity -- or at least a lot of people were willing to pay to see the Fixer Upper star chop off his hair.

This past week, the Magnolia Network star had finally revealed that he was prepping to cut off his long locks. The announcement was big news, particularly given how many people had thoughts about Chip’s hair over the last several, several months. That includes his own family, though they were more positive about the look than some folks. The Fixer Upper star and husband of Joanna Gaines previously said of his hairdo on Today:

It’s like the rest of the country, sadly in some ways, it’s like nobody can agree on anything. You’re either in this camp or this camp. Twitter is very similar in that regard with my hair. It’s either you love this or you [hate it]... it’s a 50/50, you are either in one camp or the other and there’s no in between.

Now, if you want to check out Chip Gaines’ bald-as-a-coot new look, luckily he has been very open about sharing it. He's also being very open about how much people opened their wallets to give money to St. Jude’s.

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That’s right, a whopping $425,000 had been donated at the time the post was pushed onto Instagram. Meanwhile, a short while later at the time of this writing, $507,798 had actually been raised and the event page can still be checked out if you are here for Chip Gaines’ new bald look.

Of course, I’m more surprised at how the TV star looks as a bald guy than the fact that so many people were willing to share money to see it happen. St. Jude’s is in the Top 10 of most followed charities, and for good reason. It’s seen a slew of celebrity supporters in the last year alone, including Jennifer Aniston, Michael Strahan, Yara Shahidi and more. St. Jude’s would have done well with donations whether or not Chip Gaines had, well, chipped in, but who doesn’t want to pitch in for a cause that works to treat kids dealing with major illnesses?

Meanwhile, if the Fixer Upper is hoping to cut off his hair for charity once more, it could be a while before he has the chance. Luscious long locks take a while to grow out after all, and Chip Gaines would definitely be starting from square 1 this time. That is if his wife Joanna Gaines and kids would even agree to let him grow it out again. Regardless, I have to ask. Which camp did you land in? Are you pro long hair or do you prefer it short?

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