One Of Us Is Lying: Plot, Cast And Other Quick Things We Know About The Upcoming Peacock Series

The concept art for the show.

The main cast as seen in the teaser for One Of Us Is Lying.

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In the last couple of years, there have been plenty of new adaptations that have come out in TV and film, such as Netflix’s The Witcher, which will have a Season 2 not that long from now. Or, there’s the ever popular Bridgerton. Maybe you’re looking forward to the adaptation of Dune coming out soon. But, for me, one of my favorite novels I’ve ever read is coming to Peacock Premium, and that’s as the One Of Us Is Lying TV show.

But, what exactly is this New York Times Bestseller all about? And who is going to be in this upcoming adaptation? Who’s going to be the showrunner? Or who is going to produce? Look no further, because these are some quick things that we know about the upcoming young adult mystery.

A still from the teaser trailer of One Of Us Is Lying.

One Of Us Is Lying Will Release On Peacock - But Doesn’t Have A Premiere Date Yet

While we are all anxiously awaiting the premiere date announcement, unfortunately we don’t know when One Of Us Is Lying will come out on Peacock Premium. In its latest teaser trailer, all that is revealed is that it’s “coming soon.”

On the official page for the series on the streamer, it does say that it’ll come within the year of 2021, but when that official date is we have yet to find out.

The main cast of One Of Us Is Lying in the teaser trailer.

One Of Us Is Lying Will Star Marianly Tejada, Cooper van Grootel, Annalisa Cochrane And More

Even if we don’t have a premiere date yet, we do know who the main cast is going to be.

Starring as the main four of the series will be Marianly Tejada (known for her role in The Purge) as Bronwyn, an overachiever who is focused on her future, Cooper van Grootel (known for his role in Go!) as Nate, a student who is also a drug dealer and on probation, Annalisa Cochrane (known for her role in Into the Dark: Pure) as Addy, the popular cheerleader, and Chibuikem Uche (known for his role in Ghost Draft) as Cooper, a baseball pitcher with a promising career in sports.

A YouTube video was posted on Peacock’s channel of the four reacting to the teaser trailer, already looking super excited to see the series.

Mark McKenna, known for his parts in the film Sing Street and the Amazon original series, Wayne, has signed on to be Simon, the creator of an online gossip group.

Alongside the main four and McKenna, there have been plenty of other stars who have signed on, including Jessica McLeod, Barrett Carnahan, Melissa Collazo, Martin Bobb-Semple, Karim Diane, George Ferrier, Miles J. Harvey, Zenia Marshall, and Sara Thompson.

With such a large ensemble cast, I’m eager to see this series whenever it comes out on Peacock Premium, and can’t wait to see so many amazing actors and actresses rock their roles.

Some of the cast of Elite, the show Dario Madrona co-created.

Dario Madrona Will Act As Showrunner For One Of Us Is Lying

The showrunner for a TV show has always been someone who calls the shots and makes sure everything, including story, acting, and all things in-between, is running smoothly. For an adaptation like One Of Us Is Lying, a good showrunner is needed for all the drama that is bound to happen, and Dario Madrona will be filling that role.

Madrona has been around in the industry for a long time, and worked on Spanish telenovelas for fifteen years, a good potion of his career, becoming a head writer for the first time at the age of 27. However, one of his most known properties so far is the TV series, Elite, which he co-created. It's an international Netflix TV show that has become quite popular, and is known for its twists, turns, and drama all around.

I have a feeling that someone whose whole life has been about dramatic television is going to make this series amazing, and I for one can’t wait.

Some of the main cast of Evil on Paramount Plus, the show Erica Saleh produces.

Erica Saleh Will Executive Produce One Of Us Is Lying

Executive producers have always been another essential part of any successful TV series or miniseries, and One Of Us Is Lying is no exception. Erica Saleh, who also wrote the pilot for the new show, has signed on to be an executive producer.

Saleh is known for producing another show, the Paramount+ original series, Evil, so this isn’t her first rodeo. Jennifer Morrison is also producing the series, and she's known for her leading role on the fantasy TV show, Once Upon A Time, and is joining several other producers. Hopefully, with a team like this behind the show, One Of Us Is Lying will be just as intriguing as it already sounds.

Bronwyn Rojas in the teaser trailer for One Of Us Is Lying.

One Of Us Is Lying Will Be An Adaptation Of The Murder Mystery Novel Of The Same Name

I’m sure that when you read those character descriptions, they sounded a bit familiar, almost like The Breakfast Club cast of characters. That’s exactly what One Of Us Is Lying is sort of about, as it's described as a cross between The Breakfast Club and the series, Pretty Little Liars.

In One Of Us Is Lying, five completely different teenagers with completely different outlooks on their futures all end up going to detention on the same day: the brain, the jock, the princess, and the criminal, along with Simon, the creator of the gossip group. However, he ends up dying mysteriously during detention.

With four survivors coming out, one of them is lying about what really happened, and it’s up to everyone to figure out who it is.

The author of the original book, Karen M. McManus, did an interview with Leandro Henriques about the novel, and what inspired her to write it and the themes that fill it:

I think the story chose me. I had written and queried two other novels previously, but neither resulted in agent representation. There were a lot of themes I wanted to explore with One of Us Is Lying, but the primary one is that of acceptance—both of yourself and of others. Everyone in the book grows because they become more comfortable with the person they are, instead of the person the world expects them to be.

I’m so excited to see this vision come to life - both with the mystery that is involved, and the themes that McManus has set forth with One Of Us Is Lying. Can that premiere date come any sooner?

Some of the cast of One Of Us Is Lying in the teaser trailer.

Watch The One Of Us Is Lying Teaser Trailer

If you’re itching to see more from the new show soon, check out the One Of Us Is Lying teaser trailer, below, while we all anxiously await another preview:

I can’t wait to add the premiere date to my 2021 fall TV schedule, and hopefully soon we’ll get some more updates on exactly when we might expect this series to drop.

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